Runa’s Stats ~Update Vol.6~

A few weeks ago, we bought a workshop for our FC house. We have slowly been working on building our ship. Although, we are currently only working on the 3rd Phase of the Hull, we are getting there slowly. I spend one Sunday levelling up my Armorer. I managed to go from Lv0 to Lv30 in one day. I surprised how quickly I did it. But it helps to have a lv70 Miner so I can go get materials and get over 300 easy.

I have slowly been levelling up my Bard, I finally reached 50 on Tuesday. I could finally use the Poetics I had capped for weeks, now I have the Ironworks gear for a Bard, I dunno how long it will stay on though.

If I haven’t been levelling up classes, I have been trying to get Glamour items. I spent last weekend just going to Castrum to try and get the RDM weapon, but I gave up, went to the Aery with my friends and got the weapon there instead. It looks amazing, so its my glamoured weapon now ^^ I have the BLM weapon from the Aery too, its gothic and goes well with the BLM!

Jak’s Stats ~Vol.1~

After using the jump potion on a Paladin, I decided that Jak needed other class as I don’t want to go to Lak Shmi as a tank. I am not confident enough for that. So I picked up Astrologian to help heal instead of tank. I know this class pretty well as it is my main healer class. I have also picked up Monk and plan to level that up after I have got Astrologian to level 70.

Runa’s Stats ~Update Vol. 5~

During my winter vacation in the UK, I spent a lot of time working on getting my miner to level 70. Then I was able to get to work on my Goldsmith because I can go get most of the items myself. Once I have finished Goldsmith, I am thinking of doing Blacksmith as they also using items from a Miner. I have a retainer with a lot of the things I have gathered, so it would be good use them.

Runa’s Stats ~Update Vol.2~

So I tried to farm for Omega items over the weekend. However, it took me till the 4th visit to actually get something. I ended up going at least 8 times to Omega 1N. I was trying to go to Omega 2, but the wait time would take too long.

So I ended up focusing on my Alchemist, Goldsmith and Miner. Although they only went up 2 or 3 levels, thats pretty good for them. However, yet again, all 5 retainers have full inventories. I honestly don’t know what to do with all the stuff they have. Only little bits n pieces are selling…… gaaaah!

Runa’s Stats

Recently I have been trying to level up most classes to help other company members (WHM and PLD for example). Now I have gone back to levelling up my SMN and SCH. As these are bother ACN, its easier. But being a SCH is challenging as a healer. But I want to practice and do my best!

I also plan to level up my Alchemist and Gather’s because I want to sell things to get more gil but I have 4 retainers with full inventories >.<