Shadowbringers: the first fortnight

Time has gone by so quickly, that it will soon be a fortnight since early access as available. So I think its safe to now share my thoughts about the latest expansion.

Note: I won’t been talking about the story, as I don’t want to spoil anything, I just want to talk about the changes that were brought up in the PLLs.

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5.0 Up-date

I started to rant on twitter about all of the changes and decided that I need to voice all of my opinions on a better platform. So where better than here on my blog.

Note: I haven’t watched any of the PLL because I have been busy and these are purely my thoughts. If you want to link any information that was given please feel free.

Job Actions

After watching the video for all the job actions, I am intrigued as to how these new skills will come into play. Especially for RDM, which by the looks of it gets a kind of Foul skill (probably called Verfoul ROFL) and a new Melee skill to add the combo before Displacement. I do wonder how many new skills RDM will get during the next expansion and I am looking forward to being an RDM main for ShB.

Also, Did I see new level Fire and Blizzard skills for BLM??? I kind of felt bad for BLMs during SB because they didn’t get many new skills and hopefully this time, they will. Learning another new rotation will be fun to learn, I don’t know if I will be a BLM main again, will have to wait and see about that.

The animation for AST skills look cool, I like the little planet circling your character. Its a little touch that was needed. It will be interesting to see how AST has changed to help become a pure healer… I guess the attack potency will be reduced and will be given more healing potency and/or skills.

I wasn’t really paying much attention to the rest of the classes, but I will be sure to watch it properly soon.



First things first… MP! Now I honestly don’t know how this will work for me as an RDM main. Currently my MP is 14,400. Its great and helps with making sure I have plenty MP for skills, raises and possibly a Mana shift. The new cap for MP is horrible!!! My MP will be reduced… how is that going to help when I also need it for my Melee stance along side all of the other skills??

Unless they reduce the MP cost of skills, that’s a lot of adjustments need. Personally, I saw nothing wrong with having TP, At least it showed the differences between the job classes. I do wonder if they gave themselves too much work by doing all of this. So many things to edit and change to get rid of something that I think was personally fine.

Tank Stances

This is another confusing adjustment which I wonder was needed… I liked how you had different stances and it helped the healer know who was going to be MT and ST. Just turning on/off is going to be helpful…. how?!?! How is it even different to changing stances??? Does this mean that there won’t be a shirk etc now??? Not that it will make much difference to me because I only tank dungeons and maybe Raids, I have only tried to tank an Extreme raid with my fellow FC members once. It was fun and different but I dunno if I could be a main tank.

Difficulty Levels

This might have started a bit of a debate on twitter, which is great, I love it! So here are my thoughts…


So I gather from what people are posting, that they are changing the need to learn a rotation for a job depending on what kind of player you are. Thus making it easier for new players to just play with combos rather than having to learn the rotation (I so hope I got that right).

It has got me thinking….

How will that help people who know the rotations and are doing most of the grunt work attacking then those who are only using the combo’s? I know combo’s already play a big part in most of the jobs rotations, its just I kind of want to know what the gap in DPSing will be like between the two. It just seems unfair, say if we were in a raid PT, and we had 2 DPS who were new players, only doing the easy version, while the rest of the PT is picking up their slack. However, if there was an option to join a “hardcore” PT, then I would totally take that route.

High-End Raids

If there was one thing I liked about SB, it would be the unlocked raids. Now I know I am only just unlocking them, but I don’t know if I am worthy enough to actually go to them. But its a great idea to have content for those who are hardcore players and want to go to more challenging content. I only hope that there is more unlockable content than compared to SB. With the Savage raids, there was only 2 unlockable raids in SB, with one High-end content in Eureka. I just hope that there is more to come in ShB. I would be nice to see more locked content outside of Eureka, especially for those like who, who don’t get on well with Eureka and would rather farm savage than waste time there.

What I would like to happen in ShadowBringers

The following is just want I would like to see happen.

Early Access

I would love to have level 70+ dungeons only for those who have had an account for Vet players only. I know this won’t help the business side of things. But for the vets who pre-ordered and got the early access, then they should be rewarded with only being aloud to play the new levels first. I feel like they only focusing on getting new players and are not looking at the fact that there still people who are hanging around in hope of some rewards but instead get punched with a lot of modifications that just don’t seem worth it.

Vet Rewards

There needs to be more rewards for vet players. After SB reduced the Vet rewards for the players, they didn’t add anything else. I feel that with the way the game is going now, there isn’t much to reward players who have stayed around. Ok yes, we have achievements… some which are insane to unlock..”kill 5,000 A and S rank Mobs”… WTF! I only want the mount and you make it that hard to get… NOPE!

But back in ARR and HW, we got rewards with much longer monthly subscriptions than compared to now. Why did they change that?? I was looking forward to getting my 6th month reward and then waiting another 6 months for the 1st year reward only to find that in SB, I could get it just like that. It may seem strange to complain about it but it was a great idea. It gave vet players more motive to stay around as it was an added bonus. Now that its really be scrapped, what is there to motivate vet players??

New player Restrictions

Again, the business side will hate me. But for us who have already experienced the challenges of dealing with noobs within the new dungeons and how annoying it was to have people who didn’t understand the mechanics in normal dungeons, was really frustrating. Ok I was a BLM at the start of SB, but for my friends who were the healers, they were constantly healing or raising said players just because they didn’t have a clue.

Jump Potions…

In my opinion, they should be locked until they have been through the previous expansion dungeons first.I know this may seem harsh to some but hear me out. As a player who worked her way through all of ARR and HW before they brought out jump potions, I was able to pick the main markers, the mechanic markers etc just from going through the dungeons. Allowing new players to jump to the current level was not a good idea. They should have allowed people to jump to the one before the current expansion. Ok, that sounds confusing, But I mean for SB, people should have been only able to jump ARR. Then work their way through HW before playing SB. Thus giving them, what.. about 10 dungeons to work their way through first, pick up on the mechanical indications before being allowed to play the new expansion. Not only do they get time to pick things up, but they learn more about the story.

I was really annoyed how they got their easy pass and we just had to deal with it all. I feel like they weren’t being fair. Ok, we can make PTs before going and just leave the noobs to the duty finder, but its hard to level up at the same time as all of your friends due to work times and LIFE. But if that is the case… then I would feel held back because it takes time to have to explain the lv70 rotations, and the mechanic markers while in a dungeon. I am sure they will loose vet players because of it being over run with noobs.

As a Vet Player

My first intial thoughts of this game back in ARR was I loved how it was challenging. How each mechanic was shown in the early dungeons but then developed in higher level ones. The progression throughout the game has been on point, well when it comes to the dungeon, trials and raids. You were continually learning as you went and helped you become better at dealing with mechanics. If you don’t work your way through that, then you don’t understand what it is like to have that sense of achievement when completing high-end content.

I worked my ass off to get to the level where I am today. I struggled on so many levels and worked hard to get my rotations perfect so the FC members would take me to extreme trials. Now I go to savage raids and extreme trials on my own or with a few friends. So as a vet, there is this strife to be best player you can be to help clear those savage raids and extreme trials after a few runs.

Overall, I am sure they made most of the adjustings to job classes worth it as they are constantly adjusting potencys and cast times. So those changes I can understand.

Its just that as a player for over 2 years, I feel like we are kind being pushed to the side and taken for granted as people who will always be there for the noobs. I don’t know about most people, but if I don’t feel happy with the way FFXIV is going, I will stop playing it even though I love playing it.