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It’s finally Halloween!!!

It’s finally my favourite day of the year, I think its time for me to talk about why I like it and to talk more about this western festival.   This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!~ Origins Now I know that many people believe that Halloween originated from America, but

FFXIV|Fan Fes 2018-2019

After monitoring Twitter most of the weekend, and waking up early yesterday, I decided to watch the Live Letter from Las Vegas. Here are my thoughts about what was said.

Healer Guide

Now it is the healers turn for my personal hints and tips. I previously have done a caster guide. This is just my personal opinions, as a healer, is more about observation and predicting what will happen. For healers, you really have to know what skills work best in certain

Glamouring Gear Sets

If there is one thing that I wish I could do more is Glamouring my class gear. Since I have only 4 classes left to get lv70, I have a quiet a lot of sets to already play with. The only difficult thing is find the right items to glamour

Hot bars

If there is one thing that you need to arrange to suit your own style of game play, and that’s to arrange your hot bars! So… I play on a PS4 mainly, I have the PC version ready for travelling abroad (yes, I can’t get away from the game for

Runa’s Stats ~Update Vol.6~

A few weeks ago, we bought a workshop for our FC house. We have slowly been working on building our ship. Although, we are currently only working on the 3rd Phase of the Hull, we are getting there slowly. I spend one Sunday levelling up my Armorer. I managed to

How To DPS Pt2

This is a continuation from how to DPS Last time I spoke about the basics to being a DPS. Now there is a lot to cover and this time I want to talk about it in more detail….

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