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Alphascape Savage ~Cleared~

As of yesterday, I have officially cleared all of Alphascape Savage!!!!! I cleared with a fellow FC member, Cris. It took us two visits to clear. But the group that helped us clear were very kind. They very kindly pointed out my mistake and the next time we did it,

FFXIV|Fan Fes 2018-2019

After monitoring Twitter most of the weekend, and waking up early yesterday, I decided to watch the Live Letter from Las Vegas. Here are my thoughts about what was said.

Caster Guide

As a main caster player, I thought it was time to share some of my knowledge with you. Now I won’t be going in to any rotations as there are already so many guides available online. I will be talking about other things in as much detail as I can,

How To DPS Pt2

This is a continuation from how to DPS Last time I spoke about the basics to being a DPS. Now there is a lot to cover and this time I want to talk about it in more detail….

How to DPS

As someone who is a Main DPS, I thought it was about time to help share my thoughts on how to DPS in parties.

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