Dungeons: Stormblood

Finally its here! My notes for Stormblood Dungeons lv 61-70.  These are only key points that I have personally found helpful.

Level 61-69 Dungeons (Part of the Levelling Roulette)

The Sirensong Sea
Level: 61
Location: La Noscea
Boss: Lorelei

  • Virgin Tears: DoT areas will eventually form a ring around the edge of the room.
  • Morbid Advance: Forced to walk forward.
  • Morbid Retreat: Forced to walk back

The Violet Tides of Shisui
Level: 63
Location: The Ruby Sea
Boss: Shisui Yohi

  • Mad Stare: Gaze attack, so turn around when you see the eye.
  • Sharks: will target non-tank members. Kill them before they rush to their target.
  • Thick fog: Orbs above water to attack ASAP. Once all are destroyed, Yohi will jump out of the water.

Bardams Mettle
Level: 65
Location: The Azim Steppe
Boss: Vol

  • Flutter fall: All part members will be targeted. Be sure not to be near other people.
  • Corpsecleaner Eagles, which are two adds that will appear at the end of the arena after the other is killed.
  • Wingbeat: one player will have a green marker and pushed back, be sure to move back to the centre. (This phase can be skipped if you have a great party or someone casts a well-timed LB).

Doma Castle
Level: 67
Location: Yanxia
Boss: Hypertuned Grynewaht

  • Chain Gun: Undodgeable bullets that will hit one party member.
  • Spinning Discs: Will fire a line of AoE after spawning, be sure not to be near them.
  • Meteor Drop: A pulsing AoE, be sure to drop it away from your group.

Castrum Abania
Level: 69
Location: The Peaks
Boss: Inferno

  • Retu and Rahu: AoE will appear (a stripped cone AoE).
  • Arm Buffs: His attacks get stronger as he chargers. Debuffs will be applied the strong her gets.
  • Magitek Hands: 3 will appear. 2 will target 2 party members, attack them before they touch you. Kill the 3rd claw before it puts the tank into the machine.

Ala Mhigo
Level: 70
Location: The Lochs
Boss: Zenos Yae Galvus

  • Art of the Storm: AoE around Zenos, but don’t stay in it.
  • Art of the Swell: AoE around Zenos, this knocks back, so stay in it.
  •  3 swords will land around the room, destroy them ASAP. It might work best if all members work together. Although I have been in some groups where we attack different ones, so just watch your party.


Level 70 Dungeons (Part of the Level 50/60/70/80 Roulette)

Kugane Castle
Level: 70
Location: Kugane ( 12.6 , 6.2 )
Boss: Yojimbo

  • First payday: Yojimbo’s dog will the collect the gold, in the order that it fell, before Yojimbo will deal as much damage as in the guage (so probably collect as little as you can).
  • Inoshi-Katcho: casts circle AoEs on first the center of the room, then around the edge.
  • Second payday:  Same as the first, but 4 dragon heads will appear, destroy them asap.

The Temple of the Fist
Level: 70
Location: Rhalgr’s Reach ( 12.3 , 5.5 )
Boss:  Ivon Coeurlfist

  • Spirit Wave: Drops a whirlwind with an AoE Windzone on one random player, its typically a Ranged DPS or the Healer.
  • Touch of Slaughter: attacks one player and reduces their HP to 1%, healer must heal them ASAP.
  • Rose of Destruction: will marker one player with a split AoE marker, stack together.
  • During the fight,  dragon head walls will appear. Its similar to the Knights in The Vault.

The Drowned City of Skalla
Level: 70
Location: The Lochs (X:26.5, Y:21.2, Z:-2.8)
Boss: Hrodric Poisontongue

  • Rusting Claw Raises his Right arm to perform a swiping attack, so move away from front.
  • Tail Drive Raises his Tail to perform a swiping attack behind himself, so towards his front.
  • Ring of Chaos: Casts a Donut AoE around a selected player, who should move to boss to allow party to move to safe area.
  • Cross of Chaos: A cross shaped AoE attack from affected player – stop moving to allow other players to dodge.

Hells’ Lid
Level: 70
Location: The Ruby Sea (X??, Y??, Z??
Boss: Genbu

  • Hell of Water: Cross AOE coming from Genbu.
  • Hell of Waste: One player will be marked with an AOE around them, it drops a water bomb on the player, so stay away from group.
  • Sinister Tide: The signs on the seven hexagonal platforms glow. On one of them will be a blue orb. When the blue orb explodes, the glowing signs are arrows showing the direction in which the AoE will travel too, so be sure to stand in an area not connected or has already be hit.

The Fractual Continuum (hard)
Level: 70
Boss: The Ultima Beast

  • Death Spin: Hits anyone within Melee Range, so be sure to move away.
  • Aether Bend: Hits anyone not close to him. He will be standing on his hind legs, so be sure to gather close/under him.
  • Allagen Flare: Targets the Tank with the marker seen in Deltascape V4. Be sure to move away from the tank to avoid damage.

The Swallow’s Compass
Level: 70
Location: Yanxia (X:11.7, Y:26.9, Z:0.7)
Boss: Qitian Dasheng

  • Both Ends: This ability has two variations.
    • Normal weapon> Circle AoE around the boss – stay away from the boss.
    • Extended, electrified weapon > Donut AoE -stay near the boss.
  • Splitting Hairs: Qitian Dasheng splits in two Shadow of the Sage. Both mobs must be killed to end the fight. If only one is killed, the remaining will split again.

Saint Mociannes Arboretum (hard)
Level: 70
Boss: Tokkap hi

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