Dungeons: Heavensward

So here are my notes for Heavensward Dungeons lv 51-60.  These are only key points that I have personally found helpful.

Level 51-59 Dungeons (Part of the Levelling Roulette)

The Dusk Vigil
Level: 51
Location: Coerthas Western Highlands(x20.7, y7.6, z0.3)
Boss: Opinicus

  • The boss has three main attacks:
    • Jumps to one player.
    • Whirling Gaol: a wind Circle AoE in the centre of the room. But you can hide behind masonry will help.
    • Winds of Winter: AoE for moderate damage.

Sohm Al
Level: 53
location: The Dravanian Forelands(x8.3, y6.1, z0.3)
Boss: Tioman

  • All players will be marked with Line and Circle AoEs.
  • If you have a green and yellow marker, run to the entrance to drop the Bomb AoE then quickly run to the other side of the arena.
  • Heavensfall: spawning clusters of AoE where marked players should run away from the party.
  • At 45%, DPS down Tioman’s wings. Its best to all attack one side first. If you have a marker, stand under the targeted wing.

The Aery
Level: 55
Location: Foundation (x7.5, y10.2)
Boss: Nidhogg

  • Fiery ords will be aimed towards non-tank party members, but are easily avoided.
  • One player will be trapped and starts to float. Other DPS must attack the base to save the party member.
  • Kill all the Adds.
  • Healers must make sure that Estinien has 80% or more HP so he can cast a shield.

The Vault
Level: 57
Location: The Pillars (x11.1, y7.0)
Boss: Ser Charibert

  • A fire room-wide damage AoE.
  • 2 players will be linked with a chain, they must run far from each other to break it.
  • Knights will walk across the arena (Similar to the Mummies in Sunken Temple (Hard)). Find the safe gap for you to stand in.
  • Attack the Holy Flames that are around the arena. Ignore the Dawn Knights.

The Great Gubal Library
Level: 59
Location: The Dravanian Hinterlands(x28.6, y37.9, z1.9)
Boss: The Everliving Bibliotaph

  • Through out the fight, 2 players will be marked with a purple Marker, run close to the edge to drop the void summon orbs.
  • Also, circular platforms around the edge will light up with pink rings and will need a certain number of people in them 1 > 2 > 3.
  • Deep Darkness: is a Donut AoE around the edge of the arena.

The Aetherochemical Research Facility
Level: 60
Location: Azys Lla (x21.4, y22.5, z8.7)
Boss: Ascian Prime

  • 2 players will be marked with AoEs, Everyone should run to the middle to avoid getting hit.
  • 2 0rbs will spawn, destroy the Blizzard orb before the Fire orb.
  • To avoid getting damage debuffs, players must go into the portals before the Boss finishes casting “Universal Manipulation”.
  • When the boss is around 30%, players will be tethered to orbs. Its best for players to pop other players orbs and not your own.

Level 60 Dungeons (Part of the 50/60 Roulette)

Level: 60
Location: The Sea of Clouds (x40.1, y7.6, z1.4)
Boss: Waukkeon

  • Gale spawns will appear, kill the Mists then the gales.
  • When all adds are dead, everyone must stack next to the boss who will do a knockback, so be sure to have a lot of space behind you.
  • Roaming Tornadoes will appear throwing players in the air, so be sure to move out of their way.

Fractal Continuum
Level: 60
Location: Azys Lla (x22.5, y39.0, z7.1)
Boss: The Curator

  • Tank should pull the boss to a corner and move if needed to avoid floor mines.
  • Kill the Clockwork Alarum adds ASAP.
  • The Educator will light up a pattern of floor tiles. So stay off the lite up squares.
  • Ignore floor mines.

Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum
Level: 60
Location: The Dravanian Hinterlands (x10.1, y23.7, z1.0)
Boss: Belladonna

  • Avoid the AoE around the adds. There will only be a few paces to stand.
  • Look away from the boss when casting “Frond Fatale” or you will be seduced.

Pharos Sirius (Hard)
Level: 60
Location: Limsa Lominsa – Airship Landing (x10.7, y11.0)
Boss: Progenitrix and Progenitor

  • Progenitrix will summon Grey bombs and Lava bombs. Grey bombs should be destroyed immediately.
  • Progenitor will summon Grey bombs and blue Remedy bombs. If you hit the Blue Remedy bombs, it will be pushed back, giving you more time to destroy the Grey bombs.

Level: 60
Location: Matoya’s Cave (x6.8, y6.4)
Boss: Calcabrina

  • Kill Calca and Brina quickly.
  • If a player has a red eye above them, everyone must look away from the boss.
  • Two players will be turned into Calca or Brina, attack them to free the players inside.

The Lost City of Amdapor (Hard)
Level: 60
Location: South Shroud (x14.2, y30.6)
Boss: Kuribu

  • Cure IV (light circle, Phase 1+3): Each player that steps into the circle removes a spike and reduces the HP she will recover
  • Cure IV (dark circle, Phase 2+3): Persistent Ground AoE, get out of it to avoid damage.
  • 2 players will be marked with a red marker, spread out to avoid hitting other players.

Sohr Khai
Level: 60
Location: The Churning Mists (x7.8, y27.8, z1.6)
Boss: Hraesvelgr

  • This is mostly a DPS check. and similar to the Kraken in Hullbreaker Isle.
  • Everyone should stay together on the same platform or at least near by.
  • DPS should kill the adds that spawn.
  • When the boss casts “Holy Breath”, everyone should spread out on the same platform to avoid getting heavy damage.

Hullbreaker Isle (Hard)
Level: 60
Location: Lower La Noscea (26.9, 36.0)
Boss: Grand Storm Marshal Slafyrsyn

  • There are two forms of platforms for this fight.
  • 1st Form: Just avoid AoEs
  • 2nd Form: Try to find chests with potions inside to cure the poison.
  • Healers need to cure targeted players as they will get heavy damage.

Level: 60
Location: Coerthas Central Highlands (x33.5, y15.4)
Boss: Tozol Huatotl

  • Avoid the AoEs
  • A player will be marked, so stack together.
  • The boss will summon Garuda who will fly across the arena, You won’t be able to target her.
  • All players will get a green AoE, so spread out.

The Great Guble Library (Hard)
Level: 60
Location: The Dravanian Hinterlands (x28.6, y37.9, z1.9)
Boss: Strix

  • When the boss is casting Tornados; stand in the dark circles to get leaden to reduce damage dealt.
  • When the boss is casting Quakes; stand in a wind circle to float to avoid the attacks.
  • If you are turned into an Imp, step into a green circle to turn back to normal.

Baelser’s Wall
Level: 60
Location: South Shroud (x22.3, y31.3)
Boss: The Griffin (“Sloppy!”)

  • When the boss is casting “Flash Powder”, turn away or you will get stunned.
  • The boss will cast a cleve that will cover 80% of the room, so be sure to follow the boss and sprint to safe zone.
  • Swords with Circle AoEs will spawn, coordinate with your group to attack one asap to destroy and make it a safe zone. (I usually prefer the center as its easier to stack in the centre).
  • The Boss will put your healer in chains, DPS must free them before the party get hits with a lot of damage.

Sohm Al (Hard)
Level: 60
Location: The Churning Mists (x26.1, y36.7, z0.1)
Boss: Lava Scorpion

  • Boss will cast a 270° circular AoE where there is a safe zone behind them.
  • The boss will summon scorpion adds, so DPS should kill them.
  • If a party member is targeted, they will be hit with a Lava pool Circle AoE. Its best to move as far away from party members by having Casters and ranged DPS bait them before they get hit.


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