Dungeons: A Realm Reborn

So here are my notes for A Realm Reborn Dungeons lv 1-50.  These are only key points that I have personally found helpful.

Level 1-49 Dungeons (Part of Levelling Roulette)

Level: 15
Location: Western La Noscea (x28,y21)
Boss: Chopper

  • The Tank is focusing on the boss.
  • DPS should run to stop any ripples that appear and kill any adds if failing to do so.

The Tam-Tara Deepcroft
Level: 16
Location: Central Shroud (x19,y28)
Boss: Void Soulcounter

  • Boss will summon and then tether link to Imps, making him invulnerable.
  • Kill the summons first and any adds that appear.

Copperbell Mines
Level: 17
Location: Western Thanalan (x27,y17)
Boss: Gyges the Great

  • Just focus on attacking the main boss.
  • Don’t attack the adds.

Level: 20
Location: Eastern Thanalan (x14,y30)
Boss: Tangata

  • Tank can pull the boss to the south of the room, making it easier for them to attack the Fire Sprites that spawn.
  • DPS focus on attack the plasma’s that appear from the fires around the edges of the room.

The Thousand Mows of Toto-Rak
Level: 24
Location: South Shroud (x19,y18)
Boss: Graffias

  • DPS should first destroy all the pods around the edges.
  • Tank focuses on the boss.
  • Later, avoid the poison on the floor. Tank must try to pull it out of the poison area.

Haukke Manor
Level: 28
Location: Central Shroud (x9,y22)
Boss: Lady Amandine

  • Tank will pull the Boss to the north of the room.
  • DPS and maybe the healer must diminish the lights in the 4 corners of the room and kill all the adds.

Brayflox Longstop
Level: 32
Location: Eastern La Noscea (x14,y24)
Boss: Aiatar

  • Everyone can focus on the main boss, there are no adds.
  • Random party members will be targeted.
  • Like Toto-Rak, pull the boss away from the poison areas.

The Sunken Temple of Quarn
Level: 35
Location: Southern Thanalan (x25,y12)
Boss: Adjudicator

  • Attack the boss and when a “needle” appears, destroy them quickly.
  • There will be two needles that appear with a black square around the, only one DPS will enter the area,that will be closed off and destroy the needle.

Cutter’s Cry
Level: 38
Location: Central Thanalan (x15,y14)
Boss: Chimera

  • The boss has two attacks to watch out for and a message will appear:
    • When the Chimera’s eyes glow violet – move as close to the boss as you can.
    • When the Chimera’s eyes glow blue – move away from the boss.

The Stone Vigil
Level: 41
Location: Coerthas Central Highlands (x7,y11)
Boss: Isgebind

  • Boss again has two different attacks to watch out for:
    • Ice Wall – a LineAoE that will stretch from one side of the arena to the other.
    • Ice Balls – an AreaAoE that will be marked around each player.

Dzemael Darkhold
Level: 44
Location: Coerthas Central Highlands (x20,y28)
Boss: Batraal

  • Boss will tether link himself to a cluster of crystals around the edge.
  • Destroy the crystals to make him vulnerable again.

The Aurum Vale
Level: 48
Location: Coerthas Central Highlands (x14,y35)
Boss: Miser’s Mistress

  • Morbol boss casts a DoT Stack, which can be removed by eating the morbol fruit around the arena (Best to do so when you have 3 stacks).

The Wanderer’s Palace
Level: 50
Location: Upper La Noscea (x26,y22)
Boss: Tonberry King

  • Tank should keep the boss in the center of the room.
  • DPS can kill the tornberry adds if they are a problem.

Castrum Meridianum (Main Quest)
Level: 50
Location:  ??
Boss: Livia sas Junius

  • Use the cannons on either side to attack the main boss.
  • Kill imperial soldiers to use the cannons.

The Praetorium (Main Quest)
Level: 50
Location: ??
Boss: Ultima and La Habrea

  • There are two bosses:
    • Ultima – will cast light LineAoE attacks using droids.
    • La Habrea – Avoid the portals around the edge of the room.

Level 50 Dungeons (Part of 50/60 roulette)

Amdapor keep
Level: 50
Location: South Shroud (x24.8,y24.9)
Boss: Anantaboga

  • DPS and Healers should stand to the boss’ flank as to avoid his front and back ConeAoE attack.
  • Hide behind the statues when you see red orbs in the center of the room.
  • Boss will tether to 1 player who must run away from the group as they have a marker that will bomb the player.

Pharos Sirius
Level: 50
Location: Western La Noscea (x16,y30)
Boss: Siren

  • Tanks position the boss in the center of the room to be ready to provoke the zombie pirates.
  • Again, the boss will cast one of two spells to watch out for:
    •  If she is in the middle, stack on top of her to avoid getting hit with an AoE Siren Song debuff.
    • If she is on an edge, move out from in front of her to avoid a charge.

Copperbell Mines (Hard)
Level: 50
Boss: Ouranos

  • Avoid the CircleAoEs and kill the adds.
  • When you see the message “The abyss worm is searching for fodder”, one of the players should pick up the object Crystallized Rock (found around the edges of the arena) and place it somewhere in the sand.
  • Players should move away from the rock to avoid taking damage from the Sand Worm.

Haukke Manor (Hard)
Level: 50
Boss: Halicarnassus

  • Each player needs to pick one corner of the room to run to.
  • She will summon adds during the fight. First one, then two, then one. DPS will need to get the adds to 0% HP, so when the Boss absorbs the adds, she will do less damage.
  • When the final add is dead, Tank should move the boss to the centre of the room.
  • When you see a red pulse, run to your corner. You will be forced to walk towards the boss. This could happen 3 times.

The Lost City of Amdapor
Level: 50
Location: South Shroud (x14,y30)
Boss: Diabolos

  • Each party member should be responsible for one symbol, which will appear above two of the 8 doors around the edge of the room.
  • At the start of the fight, get one party member (Preferably the healer) to open one of their doors. When the boss gets half way through casting “Ruinous Omen”, they should open their second door.
  • Avoid the orbs that appear.

Hatali (Hard)
Level: 50
Boss: Mumuepo the Beholden

  • Phase 1:This is a series of battles. First kill the healer > DPS > Tank.
  • Phase 2: a Red demon and Mumepo the Beholden。Attack Mumepo first as he casts and chains players together. The unchained player needs to find the interactive lever to free party members.
  • The Red demon attacks with a swipe and AoEs, so watch out for those.

Brayflox’s Longstop (Hard)
Level: 50
Boss: Gobmachine G-VI

  • When the boss is around 75% HP, they will start to circle the outer area of the arena. Party members must gather in the centre.
  • A large amount of bombs will be dropped all over the arena, they can be knocked out of the area, preferably towards the edge.
  • When the boss is around 25%, the boss will drop a big bomb. Destroy it ASAP.

Hullbreaker Isle
Level: 50
Location: ??
Boss: Kraken

  • The Boss will have 1 tentacle that will be marked by a red symbol on the map.
  • There are 10 you must destroy to defeat the boss.
  • If you are marked, you will be stunned and then thrown across the arena.

The Stone Vigil (Hard)
Level: 50
Boss: Giruveganaus

  • Phase 1: the boss will lower his shoulder before charging forward, damaging all in his path.
  • His final attack of the phase, he will stand on his rear legs so he can swing at members who are in front of him.
  • Phase 2: The boss will summon a clone of himself. Avoid their joint attack of a fire ball if they move to aim towards you.

Tam-Tara Deepcroft (hard)
Level: 50
Boss: Avere Bravearm

  • Tank will focus on the boss .
  • Do not let crawling zombie adds reach the center of the room. DPS must kill them ASAP!

Level: 50
Location: Coerthas Central Highlands (x3,y21)
Boss: Fenrir

  • Watch out for the icicles: 2 will produce a CircleAoE. 1 will remain so you can run behind it to avoid the attack.

Sastasha (Hard)
Level: 50
Boss: Kraken

  • Watch for the following situations:
    • When the Kraken and arms are up – Attack the Kraken (ignore the tentacles).
    • When the Kraken, arms and tentacles are up – Attack the arms (ignore the tentacles).
    • When the Kraken and 6 arms are up – Do your best to survive.

The Sunken Temple of Quarn (Hard)
Level: 50
Boss: Vicegerent To The Warden

  • Avoid the Mummy walls that appear in two parts of the room and travel to opposite side.
  • In case your healers gets mummified, have your cool-downs ready.

The Keeper of the Lake
Level: 50
Location: ??
Boss: Midgrsormer

  • Midgrsormer will raise two dragons during the fight. Tank can pull them to the side of the room.
  • Also, an Add will spawn in the middle of the room carrying a shield generator. DPS must destroy the add asap so when the room floor turns blue, they must activate it.

The Wanderer’s Palace (hard)
Level: 50
Boss: Manxome Molaa Ja Ja

  • Stay close to the Boss to avoid the Cone AoE.
  • Move away from the Boss for rotten gas.
  • The boss will drop multiple banner AoEs, The tank must keep moving to pull them out of the AoEs.
  • The Boss can cast Doom on players, so healers be prepared to heal party members to full HP.

Amdapor Keep (Hard)
Level: 50
Boss: Ferdiad

  • Tanks should pull the boss to the edge of the arena.
  • DPS should kill all the adds asap, especially the adds that are tethered to the boss.
  • The boss will entrap one player in slim, other players must help free them.
  • 1 player will be targeted without warning and then a blue spinning scythe Circle AoEs will appear, avoid them as best you can.

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