I am not going to claim that I am an expert when it comes to Savage raid, but seeing as most of my FC members are thinking about trying out savage,  I thought it was time to share what I had learnt from my experience.

When it comes to trying out Savage raid, there are a few things you need to consider first.

To start off, Savage raiding is no easy feet. Its not like an extreme trial where if someone messes up the mechanic or if a few people day, you are still able to clear it. Its totally different and not for people who think it will only take a few minutes. So be prepared to be there for the whole duration of the time limit for a practice party. If you leave the duty before the time up and before people have voted to abandon, then you will be penalised but also, you can’t replenish the PT in Savage, so everyone has to leave and then wait for a new recruited member. So please be committed to staying for as long as everyone stays there for.


This is pretty obvious but also the most forgotten part to any high-level gaming. If you don’t wear the right gear, you are causing a lot of problems for the Raid PT. Such as;

  • Your gear stats will effect your efficiency within the raid. You not only have less protection against the Boss’ attacks, but also how much damage you will actually inflict.
  • You are hindering the party progression. This may sound harsh, but as your gear is low, you need to be healed a lot more than players with the highest level gear as possible.
    • In addition, if you happen to die, you have already cost the PT any chance of progressing further because most mechanics require all PT members to be alive. As well giving the healers more work to do to try and raise you in between trying to heal the tank during tank busters or other DPS who get hit with certain AoEs.

GearAt the moment, its kind of easy to obtain il400 gear because not only does it drop from Alpha Savage, but you can augment Scaevan gear. So there is no excuse for not having the highest level gear.

When I started savage, I had Mendacity gear as it was still new and would rely on Savage drops to start upping my gear. But now I only need to get a il405 weapon.


I mentioned this is my How to DPS guides, but your rotations and openers are important to learn. Sometimes, they aren’t as simple as just doing your combos, there certain role skills that need to used and some action skills to ensure you are doing enough damage.

So please research the openers and rotations for your main job class before going into savage. Also, for melee DPS, learn your positioning for some of your skills. It does make a difference to how much cri. hit you do depending on the placement. The quicker you learn your lv 70 rotations, the better.


If you ever need to see if you are able to DPS down a boss for a Savage raid, go to Stone, Sky, Sea in The fringes, close to the exit to Rhalgrs Reach.

Luca Tia'na 2019/03/18 01:55:26

Here you have 3 minutes to attack a striking dummy which is set to the same level as the boss you select. Its a great way to prove you can beat down a boss with your current gear level. If you are unable to defeat the dummy, then you won’t be able to clear the boss in the actual raid. So its a good indicator to see what boss you can or can defeat.


Lv70 FoodWhenever you plan to do High level raids etc., you need anything that will give you a small boost. Food is one way to get the boost. Eating food will give some stats a bonus and will last for 30 mins. Although, if you eat more than one meal, it will extend the timer.  You can obtain meals by; crafting using CUL or buying from the MB (market board). Just remember than buying HQ items is better than NQ. These may be expensive on the MB, so be prepared to say goodbye to a fair amount of gil. For savage raiding, be sure to buy the highest item level food as shown in the picture above. The highest level is 370 and it should be the first few items in the food menu on the MB.

There are many different foods to choose from. It just means you have to pay attention to what certain stats the food gives a boost too. If you are unsure on which type of meal to buy, I suggest looking at your gear for hints. As someone who has played this game for over two years, I have been able to pick up which stats are best for each class. Its the same when you are thinking melding materia to your gear. Some people will say that you can get food that will support your melding stats. Others will say to give boost your class main stats.

Lv70 Food Stats

For example, as a main caster, my main stats are spell speed,vitality and determination (although this is considered more of a secondary stat boost) I don’t have have a lot of Spell speed materia on my gear, so this meal gives me the perfect bonus boost. I think its best to find which food is best suited for your job class gear stats.


I don’t mean you should enrol in one of Snapes classes for potions and learn about how to make the polyjuice potion…

Grade 3 potions

For savage raiding at lv 70, you should be using Grade 3 infusions. If you look at the picture, there is only a small selection to choose, so you should be ok with choosing the right one for your job class. As a Caster, we use Intelligence. Healers will use Mind, Tanks will use


Again, be sure to buy the HQ ones for more of a boost compared to NQ. It will be expensive as well, but thats the price you pay for doing High-level raids.


So once you have got all the necessary items to help give you boosts you need, its time to research. At present, it is really easy to find any information about a Savage Raid. Even on Youtube you can find many videos and guides about them. For English speakers, you can search for Mrhappy1227 or MTQcapture. They are best ones I have found so far to help players. Personally I prefer MTWcapture videos because she shows the skills and a summery of what the attacks are on the video. MrHappy, tends to only talk you through it skill by skill, but will link to a doc with either the Boss skills list or maybe a guide. So be sure to take a look.

In addition,  You can also search for text guides online. I have found that FFXIV Reddit have links to some great doc guides which are very useful. Personally I like to actually write notes on any of the High-level dungeons that I want to do. This makes things easier to process the information. It also means that I can draw handy diagrams and colour-code everything to make it easier for me to find skills or positions.

Its totally up to you as to how you study high-level dungeons. Just do what ever is best for you.


/p ———————————————–
/p | 3時スタート ※基本外側向け
/p | ■シールドコンボS | ■トランスフォームM
/p | D3  MT D4  |    目
/p |   D1 ▲ D2   | MT学←  → STPH
/p | H1  ST  H2  | D1D3   D2D4
/p |           |※MT組がM、ST組がF担当
/p | ■レゾナンス
/p | STが調整(戦STの際はMTが調整役)
/p | ■連携プログラムC
/p | 1、3番が対面に移動 2、4番がボス側で待機
/p |     目
/p | MT組     MT組
/p |  ST組   ST組
/p ———————————————–
/p | ■連携W – シールド
/p | 中央で7人頭割り→ファイラ散開(H1のみ中央)
/p | ■連携W – ブレード
/p | 右後ろ4時で頭割り
/p | ■シールド散開   | ■ファイラ散開
/p |     目    |    目
/p |   MT  H2  | D3  MT  D4
/p |  D3    D4 |
/p |     ボス    | H1 ボス  H2
/p |  D1    D2 |
/p |   H1  ST   | D1  ST  D2
/p | ■LBフェーズ
/p | メレーLB式 基本3時集合
/p | サジタリウスは6時に向ける
/p | 後衛は3時のマーカー上へ退避
/p | ■ブレードダンス・オメガ
/p | ST無敵→MT無敵
/p ———————————————–
/p D1優先度: 竜騎士>>モ>忍=侍

This is the 1st Phase macro for O12S. I know this is the Japanese version, but as I play on a Japanese server, it only seems fitting.


Macros play an important part in Savage raiding. This is how people indicate how they wish to handle important big mechanics. For those who don’t ready Japanese, this must look horrible. But as long as you know what the big mechanics are, it should be pretty easy to understand.

The Party:

So let me explain it more detail. As every Savage raid is made up of a full party of 8 players, each will be giving a special position to go to. When you join PTs via the Raid finder/Party finder, you will see that some party request certain job classes to fill each position. It is totally up to the party owner to decide on who they want in their PT, so be sure to check what they are looking for before trying to join.

Luca Tia'na 2019/03/17 17:48:31

Most parties consist of; 2 tanks ( a MT and ST), 2 healers (a Medica and a shield), 2 melee (usually not two of the same class), 1 ranged and 1 caster. Its hare to tell from the picture above, but I tend to list the different job classes when I make a PT for Savage. So hopefully I don’t confuse people when they join. When I was new to using the PF, I pretty much left it open and then people would send me messages asking if it was Ok to join, but once they joined, people were talking about their concerns about having players of the same class in the PT. So after learning my lesson, I changed it.

Luca Tia'na 2019/03/15 19:59:46

This is to help balance the Party stats which is shown in the Party members window. As shown above, you can see how each bonus stat is lit up. Its more helpful to the PT if they get each stat bonus than if they don’t. For instance, if you undersize a lower level Savage Raid, but you have many of one class, say a caster, you will won’t get a bonus of Dexterity or possibly Vitality but only have Strength (tanks), Intelligence (casters) and Mind (healers). Having an array of job classes not only gives you more bonuses, but you can do a lot more damage and faster too. The only problem with having a lot of casters, for example, is they have a cast time, this means that DPS will be low because they can’t hit fast enough.


Saving the most important till last.

If there is one thing that I have learnt as a Savage Raider, its that not everything will work out the way you want it to. As I have said many times in my Savage Problem posts or what have you, finding the right people or party is one of the most difficult things. There will be a few times where you will struggle with getting past certain mechanics or gimmicks (for people on Japanese servers). It will be frustrating to have to keep going over things, but you know what they say… “Practice makes Perfect!”.

Just remember to read through the comment to the PF, if that is what you are using.

Luca Tia'na 2019/03/17 17:48:31

Let me try to explain my comment for my PF….

「前半練習PT~」- English “First half Practice PT”. This is just an indication as to what kind of PT I am looking for. This will vary but I have noticed that most will put the purpose of the PT at the start of the comment.

「1時間」-  “1 hour”.  I hope to practice for hour within the raid. But I am very lenient with the timing. That or if I am feeling like I have found a good party, I will continue until someone says they want to leave. Though I should probably be more strict with that.

「2回目サイコロから見たいです」 – “I want to see from the 2nd Dice [mechanic/gimmick]”. Just to let people know which main mechanic I am working from. This is kind of the important part of the comment, so be sure to read this part carefully.

「もうクリアした方もおkです」 – “People who have cleared are ok too” . Its really just my way to let others know that if you have already cleared but want to join in, that’s perfectly fine.

「マクロ X」 –  “Macro X”, which is basically just saying I don’t have the macro.

Most of the comments in PF’s, from what I have seen, follow this sort of pattern, so I hope it helps you understand a bit more of what part to look at etc. It will be easier to understand the PT comment to help you find the right party for you. Or if you like, you could make your own PF, like I do. It might give you a better chance of finding the spot to suit your main job class, especially as a caster because those spots fill up quickly.

Overall, Savage is basically a fast pace, heavy mechanics dungeon where its all about timing and placement. Once you have mastered them, the easier it will be to clear each week to collect your loot and the Datalogs.

Try not to let it get you down if you are constantly hounded by the 1% enrage wipes, it just means you haven’t found the right party to help you clear it. Take a break from Savage Raiding every once in a while to help keep those stress levels down! Although, just don’t take too long of a break or you will find yourself waiting even longer to find a practice party because most of the players have already cleared.

Do your best and happy Savage Raiding~!