The time has come for me to introduce myself….. little more.

I am currently living in Japan working as an English teacher, hence why I am trying my best to write in both languages when I can. But please forgive me for any mistakes I make in Japanese, I am still learning.

I started playing games when I was in High School, only because both of my brothers would play games and it was the only thing we could do together, although I sucked at it, but it was FPS so its not that complicated… just go around and shoot things LOL. I used to enjoy playing Unreal Tournament, Left for Dead, Diablo and sometimes Doom.

My first console was the PSP back in 2007. I blame this console for strengthening my love of Marvel due to The Ultimate Avengers Universe. I did also have FF: Crisis Core but I had the pandora hack, which got wiped because I was told to put a file in the wrong folder. So I have never actually completed it.

I also have a Wii which I bought solely so I could play Rockband hahaha I still have all the instruments in the UK. If only I could import them to Japan.

Soon after, I bought my second handheld console: Nintendo DS lite. I only really used it to play Zelda and brain training. Which is really a waste, but its sooooo old now.

Infact, all of these consoles are soooo old.

Yet my desktop PC died just before I had to moved. So I ended up buying a laptop and saying goodbye to PC gaming.

Since moving to Japan in 2013, I managed to buy my first PS4 two years ago. I dunno if this was the best or worst decision I have ever made LOL. I first ordered Destiny, Diablo III, Doom and Overwatch. Later FFXV was added to my new collection. I really like the combat system of XV, I can’t wait for the remake of VII.

It wasn’t until January 2017 that I started playing FFXIV, which is now probably the only game I play as there is so much to do. I got so addicted really quickly that I bought a PSV just so I could remote play, as I tend to travel to Tokyo a lot during a long holiday, that it keeps me going hahaha.

During Golden week last year, I did buy FFX for PS4 but its in Japanese, so its hard to play. I also got Just Dance to try to get me to exercise more LOL, not that it has helped.

Since buying PS4, I have downloaded a few more games, but these are just classics such as Tetris, Uno and Disgaea 5 (I had 1 on my PSP). But I don’t play them often.

Otherwise, my hobbies are watching movies, listening to music and drawing pictures. Everything else you wish to know about me….. you may never know!