So now, let me introduce my character to you all.

Name: Runa Hyun
Race/Clan/Gender: Miqo’te/ Keeper of the Moon / ♀
Nameday: 18th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon
Guardian: Thaliak, the Scholar
City-state: Gridania
Grand Company: Immortal Flames / Second Flame Lieutenant
Free Company: Kujila Voyage

Runa is an only daughter with a younger brother. Her childhood was similar to those who come a family of mages and knights. Having to deal with loosing many families proved to be challenging for some, but Runa felt she had to stay strong for her younger brother. Loosing her father and uncle in the calamity was heartbreaking. For Runa was close to them both as they trained her combat skills to help protect her family and prepare her for whatever path she chooses to take. Whereas her mother who was very kind and compassionate taught her basic skills in magic. Her supportive parents helped Runa to enjoy life and to be strong no matter what happens. She might be a carefree Miqo’te who is shy at first but once you get to know her she is friendly and supportive.

After leaving her family home as she became of age, was worried about leaving her Mother to solely look after her brother but she knew she had to part ways while she was still young. she moved to Gridania to start an adventure of joining the conjurers guild. Inspired by her mother to study magic, it seemed wise to begin with healing magic to support others in future needed situations. When she arrived in Gridania, she was able to meet a very close friend of hers, Freah Ufufy. Although they are from different clans, they got on very well. They were often found explore their new environment. Together they mastered the techniques of conjuring moving swiftly into transforming into a White Mage. Although, some quests have proven very difficult, the reward of keeping fellow party members alive is something she can do with pride.

For Runa, it was hard to find a place where she would welcomed by other people. Finding a Free Company to join was challenging. The language barrier is not a very helpful thing. As well as the company not doing many activities together was problematic. Yet, Freah was able to find a company with ease as the barrier was not a problem. Thus making Runa feel more isolated and alone. But she persevered and continue on walking forward and battling her way through. It was a while before she was also invited to join the same company as her close friend. Though, at times the conversation was hard to follow, she would still have the opportunity to use her native tongue to interact with other members, making her feel more relaxed.

Upon reaching the end of her time in Ishgard, she taken more of an interest into other forms of magic. To some people, explore the darker sides of magic maybe touched with more caution, Runa was not afraid to dive into learning this new world of opportunities. First, she so intrigued to learn the ways of the Thaumaturge. This gave Runa a chance to spread her wings and move on to magic where damage can be afflicted upon the enemy and moving away from focusing on healing her comrades. Although, it was no smooth ride for her. She had difficulties understanding the best use of her abilities. However, her company members where there for her and taught her what she needed to understand. At every hurdle, her senior in the class was there to help and guide her. Giving her the confidence she needed to help deal damage while fighting a difficult enemy.


With the thirst to widen her knowledge, she soon focused her energy onto exploring the world of Arcanists. Allowing her to summon pets to aid her in healing and attacking. Thus combining her two previous areas into one with an aid. Although her progress in summoning may have been slow, she never gave up.

Although her studies in summoning came to a halt when she needed to aid the people in Doma. She didn’t hesitate to answer the call and furthered her skills as a Black Mage. When she completed the tasks she was asked to do, she was reminded of the skills her father and uncle had taught her. So she decided to sharpen her close combat skills by joining the Puglist guild to later on becoming a Monk. Allowing her to deal a lot of damage up close. But she felt it wasn’t enough. Her father was a Knight for her hometown, so it only seemed right to follow in his footsteps. This proved to fit Runa well as she is able to use skills she learnt as a healer and use skills as a knight to not only help lead her party but also to heal if it urgently needed.

For now, Runa has chose to refine the skills she learnt as a Black Mage, White Mage, Scholar, Summoner, Monk and a Knight. She is always around waiting for new tasks to come her way, so feel free to invite her to help if you are in need!