If there is one thing a player who decides to do gathering and crafting needs, its inventory space!!!

When you join, you get to have two retainers you can place in any market area in Eorzea. This is great at first. You have places to put gear and other important items.


1. Shizzy

Shizzy is the first retainer I made. He is a white mage who I have put in charge of holding materia, paint, untradable items, wood and fishing tools.

2. Sazzy

Sazzy is my second retainer I made. She is a Black mage who is in charge of my gear. This is the place any high, blue gear items so I don’t have them always in my main charcters inventory.


Well its great until you start to notice that 3 sets of inventory (including your own characters space) is just not enough. There are options to buy more retainers from the Mog Station. So thats what I did.

3. Seline

Seline was the third retainer. She is a Miner, which is perfect for helping you collect shards and other mining items while you mine as well. She is in charge of mining items. This alone manages to fill the inventory easy. But its also why I decided to start goldsmithing to help use the materials that a miner mines.


However, I had already started fishing so it needed space and then the items made by a goldsmith needed space too. So yet another retainer was needed.

4. Sebby

Sebby was created and he is a botonist to help get those minions on a botonist retainer can get. He is incharge of botonist and alchemist items.


As you can tell by now, I tend to keep my inventories as organised as possible to help me remember which retainer has which items.

However, after slowly building up two gathers and two crafting classes, I have yet again come to the dreaded ‘Noooo all the inventories are full!!!!’


5. Sonnie

Sonnie was made only yesterday. He is a puglist who is incharge of gems and rare totems.

So far 5 should be enough and if anything, its perfect to help sell items I have made in all market areas.

We shall see if a sixth retainer is needed rofl