Jak’s Story

Let me introduce my sub-character to you all

Name: Jak Hyun
Race/Clan/Gender: Au Ra / Xaela / ♂
Birthday:30th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
Guardian: Rhalgr, the Destroyer
City-state: Ul’dah
Grand Company: Immortal Flames / Flame Private First Class
Free Company: Invoked Sensibilities

Jak is the first born son with an older sister, who is only a few years older. While growing up Jak had to learn how to protect his family at a young age. But he was challenged when he lost his only two role models during the Calamity. Like his sister, Jak was trained by his father and uncle in combat skills.He swore after their death that he would do his best to protect the family they left behind and for his future family. Although he was close to his sister, when she left home he was able to spread his wings a little more and started to make close friends in his home town.

He had small group of friends he could train with. They were there for each other and support each others families if needed. But it would change when it came to venturing out in search for a new place to settle. His friends found a place to settle quickly. However, one of his close friends, whom he had always cared for specially had moved to Gridana, Jak felt that it would be good to follow his father and settle in Ul’dah to further his training as a gladiator with hopes of becoming a Paladin.