Goddess of Magic


If you haven’t been following my blog recently, then shame on you!!! But for those who have, you should have noticed that I have been levelling up a lot magic classes.

As of last night, I finally got them alll to level 70!!! I have the new title ‘Goddess of Magic’. My friend freah Ufufy and I have been levelling up two classes togetherover the past 3 weeks. We first worked on Dragoon + warrior (Freah) and Astrologian + Red Mage (me). It was the first time in so long were we were working in levelling up classes together. Also since we completed Heavensward back in April, we only really started to level up other classes but it was never really something we did together. But this time we worked on levelling together.

Levelling a class has been keeping us busy since we completed Stormblood. I now have 8 level 70 classed. This is the first time since I started the game in January, that I have had so many at the capped level.

I think my next step is to work on my Alchemist, Goldsmith and Miner to level 70. They are already level 60, Alchemist is lv63. So they are not far off. I just need to get my Alchemist to 70 so I can make the chair mount lol



カフェのテーマはImmortal Flames。スタッフは優しいと私の日本語を少しいびっくりした(私の先生は幸せになるww)。このカフェはよりの小さいから、忙しくなかった。




食べ物と飲み物はとても~美味しい~~ 今回、1メインヂィッシュと1シェアードヂィッシュと5飲み物が持っていた。


Omega Savage


火曜日で、オメガ2Sをクリアした。私は何度も混乱した (T___T) でも、たくさん練習したから、ギミックを分かった。今週でオメガSのノートスを書いた。これらのノートはオメガをクリアするのに役立たせる。今から、ilをアップしたいので、黒のIL330武器が欲しい。104つの万物トームストーンと4つの万物のトークンを持っている。万物トームストーンを集める必要する!次はオメガ3S をクリアしたい、でもこれは難しいよう。これは多くギミックがあるのに、頑張る~

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Runa’s Stats ~Update Vol.2~

So I tried to farm for Omega items over the weekend. However, it took me till the 4th visit to actually get something. I ended up going at least 8 times to Omega 1N. I was trying to go to Omega 2, but the wait time would take too long.

So I ended up focusing on my Alchemist, Goldsmith and Miner. Although they only went up 2 or 3 levels, thats pretty good for them. However, yet again, all 5 retainers have full inventories. I honestly don’t know what to do with all the stuff they have. Only little bits n pieces are selling…… gaaaah!

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