Long time no see!

お久しぶりです~ 1月前に私はポストを書きました、すみません、私は少し忙しかった。来月で福岡市に引っ越すので、たくさんやることがあります。


Since the release of ShadowBringers, I totally forgot to post a status update. Although to be honest, I didn’t think that levelling was important this time around. Of course, there is the incentive of trying to get the mount once you’ve levelled up all the classes. But its just one

Back to Savage Raiding

First of all, I have to apologise that I haven’t been posting much recently. Savage Now that I have been able to get the highest gear possible, my RDM item level is at 469. So I decided to get back to savage raiding. My friends in the Link Shell I

New Me

Looking back on all of my posts and this year has really been an up-hill struggle for me.  Writing about my problems with anxiety and depressing to being in an FC where people reminded me how some English speakers can be real assholes. But despite all of that. Things are

It’s finally Halloween!!!

It’s finally my favourite day of the year, I think its time for me to talk about why I like it and to talk more about this western festival.   This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!~ Origins Now I know that many people believe that Halloween originated from America, but

Lack of Motivation

I am so sorry for not posting a lot recently.  I have seriously lacked motivation to play FFXIV recently. Its not because I have run out of things to do. No, its far from that,I have so much to do. Its just that levelling up all the jobs is becoming

Shared FATES

To help take a break from all the horrible levelling via repetitive dungeon runs and the long ass wait times. So I decided to do something while waiting and what better to do, than do FATEs. I might as well work towards getting Rank 3.


Warning, this post may contain sensitive material, if don’t want to read about negative thoughts, then please do not read this post.

Thoughts on 5.05

Seeing as it has been over a month since its release. There are something that I wish were changed but I have no idea if it will actually happen. But seeing as I haven’t really posted in a while, this may be a lengthy post. Even though I started this

My Character’s Evolution

So I forgot to make a post about the changes my character has gone through over the past two years. Although there have been a fair few changes, some of them were only minor, so I want to focus on the big changes.


This is going to be a rather negative post because there are something I need to write down before I start derailing. These are my true thoughts and feelings and people don’t like what I say, then there is a good reason why we are not friends (now or if

Faye’s Stats

I finally finished levelling up my sub class-Astrologian!! So thats 2 magic classes done. It seems to be fairly easy to level up classes in ShB. I only started working on Levelling my AST at the weekend. Now I want to farm tomes so I can get the highest level

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