Jak’s Stats ~Vol.2~

Have I really only posted once of Jak’s stats…. my poor sub character has been neglected a little too much.


  1. Levelling
  2. Thoughts
  3. Goals
  4. Website Updates
  5. Future Goals


As it has been a few months since Endwalker was released. I have taken my time with levelling up classes. It also helps that I don’t really get to focus so much on playing as my Little Lalafell is rather clingy to her Mummy, which might be super cute, but annoying whenever I want to get anything done.

Anyway, for those of you who do pay attention to my site, and to my Twitter as well, you’ll have noticed that I began to make a DoH and DoL Levelling page. I have been updating it, so please continue to follow and look out for any more editions. But I have taken a little break from levelling the DoH and DoL for now. Instead, I decided to level up Reaper, so Jak can make his way through Endwalker. Now, I have changed his Main to RPR, and changed his sub to RDM, this is because I find Reaper is a much better class for me to casually play in. As I don’t know how often I will be playing my sub character in the future, I thought it be best to change. Reaper is also one of my new favourite classes to play as Faye, so it is not like I will forget how to play the class. It will just help keep me on my toes for a while.

Although one good thing about levelling up the reaper, is that upon completing Shadowbringers, Jak had lost his new adventurer status. His knowledge of Eorzea has really increased. Yet, he still has some Raids to unlock, and even finish unlocking the Trials and Extreme trials. But that will have to wait, as I really would like him to get one WoW or WoM to level 90 beofre fully completing my DoH and DoL levelling. Then I can use the Unsync option and see how much I can complete on my own or with a friend or two.

When it comes to levelling up a WoM, I always find that takes so much longer when you don’t get the XP from main story quests. Is this just me? I have been trying to level up BLM with Faye, and its taken so long to level it up. I went all the roulettes, and even did a trust run. but only managed to go up 2 levels. Where as with a Melee, I levelled up a little quicker doing the same thing. Even if I compare Jak as a Reaper, to Faye as a Red Mage, with them both doing MSQs, I still like Jak as levelled up quicker. At the moment, I went to The Tower of Zot as Jak’s first time, and after the first boss, he had levelled up Lv73. Whereas, with Faye, I was still doing the roulettes in-between MSQs to help get that extra boost, and to make sure that I was able to go to dungeons without having to level up first. Maybe Jak got the extra kick start, because I had not fully completed Shadowbringers, and had Matoya’s Relict and Paglth’an to unlock. So getting the XP from these dungeons probably helped. But I do still feel that as a Melee class, levelling up goes quicker.


After playing for a couple of months now, I’m starting to slowly come down from the high. I miss all the short queue times for classes as everyone one was in their levelling mode. Now, it seems to take forever to queue for something, even the roulettes take a while. I know not every player is a casual player or even logs in around the same time as me. Its just it makes it hard for me to do the things I want to do, Like quickly farm for the mounts in Extreme trials, or farm for the minions from dungeons, and find people who are still doing the Shared FATES. It is partly the reason why I decided to level up my sub characters crafters and gatherers. It was something very easily that I could do on my own. But it means that I have been missing out on everything else I wanted to do.

Its just while having a little Lalafell demanding my attention, it means finding time for me is getting more and more difficult. I’ve also had some troubles mentally recently that have kind of set me back a little bit. So I’ve tried to limit my time online even more, as I just can’t focus on gaming as much as I would. There are also other things that will soon need my attention and my time to play before the summer will be gravely limited.


Within the game, I have really been thinking what it is I’m actually to focus on. I have been a a Mentor for a while. Although the roulette is currently locked as Faye as she has some extreme trials to clear. But I would like to have that back at some point. Then i was also into Savage raiding and getting that full sense of accomplishment when clearing. But as I have said, I just don’t have the time for any of that at the moment. So I really need to find something to focus on.

So, I feel it would be best for me to just be a casual player for a while. Just doing the roulettes when i can, and levelling up the crafters to sell things and see much gil I can get. Maybe I should switch my mentor status from Battle Mentor to Trade Mentor. However, it’s not like I have actually set the status, so I guess there is no point thinking about it at the moment.

Website Updates

As I have previously said, I have been adding new content to this site and sorting out the pages that I have posted. i have been really trying to be more organised with everything and get the layout/theme to how I like it. yet as I say that, there is currently something about the menu/navigation bar that I am trying to sort out. I removed the top search bar from the header, but it is messing with the navigation bar. I don’t really know what to do about it. So It will stay like it is now for a little bit longer.

I have been thinking about what kind of content I really want to post. When I was looking through the pages, there is a wide range of different things and a series of post that is outdated or incomplete. When I started this website, it was to help share my notes with everyone and to be informative as possible. However, as most of the class guides and other posts where posted a few years ago, I wonder if it is worth updating them or just simply remove them and post other content.

I feel that this website is kind of chaotic with its varied material and it needs to be sorted out and have a certain focus. Such as; will it just informative? will it be mostly guides? will it be about what happens in-game? or should I do something else? I think I’m going to have to sort a few more things out and see where I go from here.

Future Goals

Now, I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but we are currently having our house built and it should be finished in the next couple of months, in June to be precise. Originally, we were meant to move in in May, but they want to show case our house with the new house next door, which began construction a month after ours. It’s kind of annoying that we have to wait, as I am so ready to move and start with all of the arranging the furniture. Yes, that’s what I am looking forward to. As we are currently living in a tiny apartment where we are collecting so much stuff in preparation for moving.

The next thing for me to sort out after we have moved, is ways to help get a little extra money to help support my family with hours that will sort my family life. I do have the idea of focusing on my art work. It will be flexible hours and I can control what I do. I have already made a Patreon page (not launched), and even my Deviant Art account would be useful to help sell some of my artwork. That is why I have been trying to sketch and improve my art skills to help with creating better pieces of art that others would be interested in buying. I did also think about putting my experience of teaching to good use with making visual aids and activity packs on my Patreon page to help gain a little more money.

I just need to work out how to sort it all out. I roughly have ideas of what to do, its just how to go about executing it all. Once, all the moving and unpacking has been done, I can start to sort it all out. Of course, there is the option of going back into teaching part time, but I know my husband and I wish to add another little addition to our family, so I would rather look in to going back to teaching once our children are at a certain age.

So overall, it seems like I have a lot of thinking to do once everything is settled and I feel like I am in a more comfortable space, within out home and mentally.

Endwalker: The first month

As the ban from posting spoilers has been lifted (which to be honest, I didn’t even realise was in place), I feel like now would be the perfect time to write a blog entry.  To help people who are only look for certain aspects of this post, I will a meta-contents list so you can skip to the part you wish to read. Don’t worry, I won’t be going into a lot of detail, so I hope you don’t have to worry about spoilers too much. I have only referenced things that have been said in PLL’s that I have seen or any tweets that have been posted by FFXIV.

Looking Forward to…
First Thoughts
Recent Patch updates
Overall Thoughts

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Checking in

For me time has flown by so quickly recently. I know I haven’t really be one for posting, but I have a really good excuse! Although I’ve literally had my hands full, I have started to log in a little more and try my luck to see what I can do in-game while my baby is sleeping. Some may see it as a bad thing, but what is the difference from watching TV or a movie while the baby sleeps? Yes its difficult when playing FFXIV as there is no pause button while going anywhere, but that doesn’t mean I ignore my child.

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It’s almost time

Things have been pretty hectic recently. Although I have been logging on a lot more recently while my husband is working. I haven’t really had the energy to do a lot of things. I would love to go extremes that I haven’t been able to go to yet, I think its only the last two. But even then I have none of the extreme mounts yet, so I would like to go farming for them, but its just finding the time to learn the mechanics and then having to run them over and over until I am lucky enough to get it. It would be great to form a party of friends who also need the mounts, but I don’t know how lucky I will be for that.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

I am sorry for not posting often, there has been a lot going on and I tend to update my social media accounts, such as Facebook and twitter more often than this blog. So I do apologise for neglecting it for a while. I honestly can’t say that I will try my best to post more often, as it depends on how much I actually get to do in game, and how much time I have for both gaming and blogging.

Its all Festive!

I have finally finished decorating Faye’s house so its all festive! I didn’t really change much but the Christmas Dinner is all laid out on the table. The Christmas tree and decorations are all out in the basement. If you ever get the change to take a look, Please do so! If you time, please leave a like and comment in my message book.

Otherwise, as far as in-game content goes, I don’t play as often as I use to, because I wish to spend as much time as possible with my partner when he is not working. So recently, I have decided to not challenge the Savage of Eden. I feel like I cannot commit to it all enough to form a party with other players. Also, I have tried to form a Savage party with friends and no-one was really interested. So it kind of fell flat. I would rather ask my FC for help with Extreme trial clearings as it won’t take as long.


So my partner and I have been talking about one thing we must do before the child is born. Its something we both want to do and it was brought up in conversation when we started dating to be clear that we were both looking for the same thing. That is getting married! It is just that it’s not something we can do whenever we want, there was a lot to prepare.

As a foreigner living in Japan, there is always a lot of paperwork to prepare before there is anything that is sorted out. For me, there were documents I needed to prepare before I was able to go to the British Embassy, such as proof of identity, a birth certificate, my passport and my Japanese resident card. While at the embassy, I had swear to a consular that all the information I provided is correct and pay for them to sign the affirmation. It also meant that I had to travel to Tokyo as I wasn’t allowed to swear the oath in Fukuoka or Osaka. So it was a very short and expensive trip for my partner and I, as he wanted to make sure I was safe while travelling, especially being pregnant and with covid.

The British Embassy Tokyo

It’s a shame that we had to go all that way, for me to say an oath and then get the document officially signed and stamped. But it’s the only way for us to get married, so we had no choice and it’s something we both want.

My partner’s longest friend and their partner signed as witnesses for us, which was greatly appreciated! They have been very supportive of us as a couple. I might have only met them a few times, but we chat on LINE whenever we can. It’s just lucky that my partner and most of friends speak English, so communication is not so bad and I don’t feel like an outsider so much.

A British national getting married in Japan

This might seem strange to most westerners, but as far as the stages of getting married in Japan goes, it’s a jump from being boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife. In western culture, there is the engagement period which can vary in length depending on the couple. It also gives the couple time to prepare the wedding ceremony and reception. However, in Japan, there isn’t really an engagement period per say. For some couples, it can just the matter of getting the wedding rings, filling out the form, getting the Japanese style birth certificate and getting witnesses to sign before handing the document over and it’s done. For others, they may take time to plan a ceremony after they have submitted their form at the city hall.

Not many people give engagement rings to the person they want to marry. Instead they just buy the weddings rings and have a ceremony. At least it’s cheaper!! And probably wiser too, especially as females tend to not wear their engagement ring after they have gotten married.

For us, due to the current situation, we only really decided to submit the form and we will have a reception later when it is safe to do so. We don’t really want a fancy ceremony to declare our love for each other, more of a private affair with family and friends. As well as having a ceremony during this time when Covid cases are on the rise, it’s safer for everyone if we wait for now, and even more so for me as I am pregnant.

My partner actually proposed to me when we were planning our trip to Tokyo, so I could get the necessary documents needed to get married in this country, at the start of December. He got down on one knee after handing me a small box which contained both our wedding rings inside and asked me to marry him after I opened the box. Of course I said yes, I was about to get a bit tearful but fought back the tears. I really wasn’t expecting him to buy the rings. But at the moment I am waiting for my ring to be resized. I took a ring that fits me to the jewelers when we went to ask for it to be resized, because I have been warned that my fingers swell during pregnancy, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. It just didn’t hurt to be sure about the size.

An Eventful Year

Overall, this year has been an eventful for me and one of the best years of my life. Everything I thought would never happen to me because I would never be able to find the right person but I do. I don’t know what 2021 has in store for me, but I know that my main priority will be my family. I hope I will be a good mother to my baby. It might be difficult being so far away from my family but I know I have great friends here I can turn to.

That’s all for now. I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Spring Time Macro

Hello everyone~!

Yesterday was Spelunkers’ FC event “春のファッションモデル 2020“. It was really fun to watch what other people had prepared. It was all prepared by our amazing master Yk Ot-san.

However, it also made me feel a little reluctant to show what I had prepared. I still went up on stage and showed the macro that took me a while to sort out. Although I didn’t save a video from when I was actually on stage but I went to my house afterwards and did a video instead.


Now on twitter, someone asked me to share the macro that I used in the video. so here it is:

/micon “dance” emote
/megaflare motion <wait .2>
/gearset change 31
/minion “wind-up edvya” <wait .2>
/examineself motion <wait .3>
/pose motion <wait .6>
/joy motion <wait .3>
/edance motion <wait .18>
/pplace motion <wait .3>
/vpose motion

Otherwise it was fun event at the FC and perfect timing just before golden week starts. I’m looking forward to the next event ^^

Faye’s Stats ~Update Vol.18~

I know it has been awhile since I posted, but if you remember I was busy with moving to a different part of Japan. I can’t believe that my last post was all the way back in February and its almost the end of April. It really was horrible, stressful few months but due to current circumstances, I am glad to be able to relax at home and adjust to my new surroundings but I am starting to stress out about starting work at a new school. Anyway, I will talk more about that later…

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Since the release of ShadowBringers, I totally forgot to post a status update. Although to be honest, I didn’t think that levelling was important this time around. Of course, there is the incentive of trying to get the mount once you’ve levelled up all the classes. But its just one mount. I was more focused on trying to clear Savage, but finding it difficult because of RDM stats and their low DPS. It was only then that I decided on levelling and trying to collect as much Phantas. as possible to increase my item level.

Even now I have only 4 War classes left to level up. I am currently levelling up my Dark Knight which is at lv74 atm.  I will be working on my crafters and gatherers once the next big patch has been released. Right now, I will slowly work on doing levelling with TRUST as I have almost got Urianger and Y’Stola at lv80 with Ryne still at lv78.

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