この学校年をほとんど終わった、4月で学校に帰って来る前は数週間休みがあるので、 すぐに私は暇時間がたくさんあらせる。これは私がまだ完了していない事柄をクリアするのに最適な時。 だからここに私の目標リスト。

Spring Vacation

As the end of this school year comes to a close, I will soon have a lot of free time as I have a few weeks off before I start back at school in April. This will be the perfect time for me to clear some things I have not yet completed. So here is my target list.

  • 吟遊詩人はレベルに70 | Level Bard to 70
  • 彫金師はレベル上げて | Level up Goldsmith
  • 鍛冶師はレベル上げて | Level up Blacksmith
  • 白虎武器がある    | Get the Byakko weapon
  • シグマ1Sをクリア  | Clear Sigma1S
  • カスターのILを上げる | increase Caster IL
  • セフィロト、ソフィア、ズルヴァンEXをクリア | Clear Sephirot, Sophia and Zuran Ex
  • トールダンとニーズヘッグEXをクリア | Clear Nidhogg and Thordan EX

Runa’s Stats ~Update Vol.6~

A few weeks ago, we bought a workshop for our FC house. We have slowly been working on building our ship. Although, we are currently only working on the 3rd Phase of the Hull, we are getting there slowly. I spend one Sunday levelling up my Armorer. I managed to go from Lv0 to Lv30 in one day. I surprised how quickly I did it. But it helps to have a lv70 Miner so I can go get materials and get over 300 easy.

I have slowly been levelling up my Bard, I finally reached 50 on Tuesday. I could finally use the Poetics I had capped for weeks, now I have the Ironworks gear for a Bard, I dunno how long it will stay on though.

If I haven’t been levelling up classes, I have been trying to get Glamour items. I spent last weekend just going to Castrum to try and get the RDM weapon, but I gave up, went to the Aery with my friends and got the weapon there instead. It looks amazing, so its my glamoured weapon now ^^ I have the BLM weapon from the Aery too, its gothic and goes well with the BLM!

FC House

One week after we bought the FC house, things have been going really well. We have been able to furnish the house inside and out. We were lucky that Freah and I collected a lot of things from our retainers. We only ended up buying a few things, although I did buy some things from the mog station. As we both have high level crafters with our main characters, we were able to make some of the items too.

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先月、私と友達がFCを始めました。私たちは1ヶ月で17百万ギルを貯めた、でもリナちゃんは10百万ギルを貯めた、すごいだね!先週でFCはランク6 になったから、昨日はジャックはFCハウスを買った〜!イエエエエイ~! 最近で、ルナちゃんとちゃおたんは家具を集めた、えと、私たちのリテイナーが私たちために集めた笑


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My Main Jobs

I know I wrote about how BLM is my main and I enjoy playing it. But recently, I have also being playing a lot as a Red Mage and Astrologian. So much I am thinking of changing my sub classes to just RDM and AST (With Paladin).

I know I am definitely getting better as an Astrologian. I can feel comfortable going to all level dungeons and not panicking about what skills to do. I feel happier playing this than as a WHM. After playing it for Stormblood, I found it too difficult to get used to the new skills. I know I only levelled up astrologian recently. But I did do summoner and Scholar before also. Yet, after getting my head around the cards, which threw me off before.

On the other hand, Red Mage also threw me off when I started playing it when Stormblood came out, being the black and Mana gauge that threw a spanner in the works. Yet when aiming for the title ‘Goddess of Magic’, I found out where I was going wrong. Even though I might not be the best RDM, I understand what to do and I like being able to raise and cure people if the healers are having trouble. But I like how it has two different stances to help change things up. It keeps me on my toes, so to speak.

I am not saying I am going to stop playing my other lv70 classes.

If you have been following my twitter, you will notice that I have been levelling up my Sub Character, Jak, who is a Paladin. Again, I might have moments when I am not doing well as a Tank, but after having completed Susano, Lak Shmi, and Shinryu (all on Normal), my confidence has increased as a tank. Although, there are some instances where I have been annoyed as DPS not hitting what I am attacking and having to use flash more than the openers, I still know where to pull the enemies. I would like to be able to do the same with Runa, but I have time to practice.

I will give myself time to practice my other lv70 classes, as well as levelling up my bard, so I can have a ranged DPS to add to my collection hahaha

Jak’s Stats ~Vol.1~

After using the jump potion on a Paladin, I decided that Jak needed other class as I don’t want to go to Lak Shmi as a tank. I am not confident enough for that. So I picked up Astrologian to help heal instead of tank. I know this class pretty well as it is my main healer class. I have also picked up Monk and plan to level that up after I have got Astrologian to level 70.