Over a month ago I decided to buy another small House but in the Mist this time. My retainers’ inventories were getting cluttered and I needed to get rid of things. I was planning on buying a Medium sized plot, but I just wasn’t saving enough gil for that.


Rant time!! If there is one thing I can be proud of while spending so much money on this game, its how much progress I have made. Sure I have a lot of level 70 classes and I can remember a lot of the mechanics in many dungeons. But now that I cleared Tsukuyomi last

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busy busy busy

I can’t believe its been a few weeks since I last posted. I have been preoccupied with work and to be honest, I am not been feeling like playing much. Yet, when I have been playing, I haven’t really been levelling up the remain classes, but instead I have been busy collecting materia, tomestones and

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As I am currently levelling up a second tank… yes a second tank!! I have noticed something I never thought would happen… waiting for the duty finder. I can’t say if its just because I am currently level 57, and who really regularly goes to level 51-59 dungeons anyway…. Yet, yesterday I was waiting over

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