As the ban from posting spoilers has been lifted (which to be honest, I didn’t even realise was in place), I feel like now would be the perfect time to write a blog entry.  To help people who are only look for certain aspects of this post, I will a meta-contents list so you can skip to the part you wish to read. Don’t worry, I won’t be going into a lot of detail, so I hope you don’t have to worry about spoilers too much. I have only referenced things that have been said in PLL’s that I have seen or any tweets that have been posted by FFXIV.

Looking Forward to…
First Thoughts
Recent Patch updates
Overall Thoughts

Looking Forward to…

While waiting for this to download, I thought about what I was really looking forward to doing within the new patch. The first thing that sprang to my mind was the new skills a Red Mage, Astrologian and Dancer would get. Now I hadn’t watched the skills preview during the PLL, so it was all very much a surprise to what we did get. I had hoped to see a lot more of the PLL, but as my little Lala is my first priority, I didn’t have enough time to actually watch it.

With this expansion, I had also planned to pay a lot more attention to story line and not rush through everything like I have with previous expansions so I don’t fall behind and plan to level up asap. I used to skip certain cutscenes just so it was quicker and I could level up. plus with a baby, I could take my time and have the cutscenes on without having to worry about levelling up asap as, just doing anything with a baby around is a challenge in itself. So not having to worry about rushing everything was a nice change of pace.

First Thoughts

I knew judging from the PLL’s that we were finally going to places that had been mentioned in previous patches and expansions. So it was interesting to see the maps and explore. So it felt like this was going to really conclude a lot of loose ends and round off the chapter as it were.

However, as I am sure most of you playing are aware, there have been trouble with logging in due to over crowding servers. After the patch downloaded, it took me ages to log in as there where over 1,000 people in the queue before me. Even when I did eventually long in, it took a long time for NPCs and players to load. While its’s no surprise that FFXIV is gaining in popularity, it was a little strange to have to wait for so long. I also felt that Yoshida’s way of handling it all was a good idea. Stopping all sales of the game both in stores and digital copies. It just makes me wonder if they are going to add more servers for more players or if they are just going to keep the restrictions. I guess we will find out in due time.


As the same with Shadowbringers, they have kept the shared FATEs and trust system with this expansion as well. Admittedly, the trust system can be a little tedious. I feel like with the Avatar trust system, having to go so many times with them kind of puts me to sleep. Although dying with the trust is a pain in the ass, when you have to go back to start and do things again. If only the healers could raise you. I went to one dungeon and had to fight the last boss at least 4 times, as I was having trouble with lag and ended up dying. Okay, it was good to get used to the mechanics of the fight, but it was troublesome and I was falling asleep.

I think this expansion gives you decent XP with the fates in the certain area’s. I have definitely found it helpful to do some fates to not only increase my rank in that area but also you can push the next level fairly easily. Its also an added bonus that many people are also using the fates to help increase their ranks so you will easily find people will join you if you start working on a fate.

One feature which I don’t really know if it was introduced this expansion or Shadowbringers, is that all quests/or only side quests (I can’t remember if MSQs are level synced or not) for the expansion are now level synced. This is great for side quests, as there are so many to get through and I leave them to help level up other job classes. But the varying XP given is a great help if it matches your level. I won’t say now to decent xp.

Faye Nyxie 2021/12/23 23:28:46


One of the big adjustments for me in the game is the changes made to certain jobs. Especially for Astrologian, as its my sub job, I wasn’t really sure how the changes would work out. I always found it fun to change between Diurnal and Nocturnal sect as an AST, but now that its just a pure healer it feels a little strange, but its great for group heals as it always was. The only other big change to the job was the cards system. Now you can draw the crown cards separately, which is good but you can’t redraw them and I have many times accidently withdrew a crown card when I didn’t mean to. Otherwise, I am still an AST healer at heart and I will continue to use it as my main healer job.

Keeping with Jobs, the other changes are the introduction of the two new classes; Sage (healer), and Reaper (Melee DPS). It was great to finally get a new healer job, to help even out the roles, now we have 2 pure healers (White Mage and Astrologian), and 2 shield healers (Scholar and Sage). I feel like the Sage is fairly difficult to actually heal a party. Okay, my Sage is currently only a level 73, but I am finding that in Dungeons I have to constantly press one skill before I can actually heal so it increases the potency of the healing skill. This really doesn’t help if you’re with a Gunbreaker and they suddenly use their damage immunity skill, resulting in all your hard work of trying to keep them above a certain level a waste of time. I personally hate this Gunbreaker skill as it makes no sense and only frustrates the healer. If the Sage later has a skill that increase their spell cast time for a duration of 30 seconds or something, then that will be useful if we also get a heal potency increase. If not, sage is going to another healer job I don’t like, joining Scholar, as I really want to heal as best I can when healing the party.

As for reaper, I haven’t really played the job much yet, its still currently on lv71, but I like the idea of having another melee. I will definitely review it more once I get round to levelling it up more.

Faye Nyxie 2021/12/07 09:09:11


Now this is only my personal opinion, but for this expansion I don’t really have a personal favourite place. I didn’t find the area’s as appealing than Il Mheg and Rak Tika Greatwood in Shadowbringers. I guess my love for Fairies and magical forests attract my attention more than going to the moon. Don’t get me wrong, all the area’s in the new expansion are great and each different, but they just aren’t my favourite.

For Endwalker, I did like how you didn’t have to wait to go complete the location maps. In Shadowbringers, I felt that splitting most of the maps in half and really dragging out the levels over each side of the map was a bit of a pain. At least with Endwalker, you can clearly complete the maps within the group of quests over a few levels. Although there is only one map where the levels are more widely split, it was easier to travel around and collect all the aetheral currents while waiting a little longer to get aetheral current main story quests.

Faye Nyxie 2021/12/27 14:14:48

Recent Patch Updates

As there was a delay in releasing the new expansion, they seem to have rolled out the new patches 6.01 and 6.05 pretty quickly. we only recently got the release of the new Normal Raid Savage modes for the first tier. Plus with the release of the new tomestones (yet again another set to try to collect). Although it was great to use have to worry about collecting Aphorism without the weekly limit, we now have Astronomy tomes with the weekly limit to collect.

Although, it doesn’t really change much for me, as I plan to take a break from levelling up after I get Sage up a few more levels and focus purely on collect the current tomes to increase gear for my RDM. I also plan to do better at clearing the extreme trials this time. I still have the last 3 extreme trials for Shadowbringers to complete as I was pregnant with my little Lala and I needed time to adjust to motherhood, well I am still adjusting but I am doing better at managing my time.

Faye Nyxie 2021/12/10 19:58:04

Overall Thoughts

This expansion has been a great addition to the game, I even got tearful at times and 1 scene in particular angered me as a new mother, and I had to take a break for a little while to clam myself down. But its very important that you don’t skip the cutscenes as they provide so much information about the whole game so far and it shows all the bonds we have formed throughout our journey of Eorzea so far.

I am really looking forward to what the creators have instore for the future of this game and hope to spend more years playing FFXIV. However, over the next few months I am going to get a little busy as my husband and I plan to start our move into our own house in May. The building work will begin soon, and I have a lot of stuff to sort through before we can begin to slowly move everything into our house. I hope to go and take photo’s of the progress, so please be on the look out for photos and posts in the next coming months.

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