First of all, I must apologize for my lack of entries. Having a baby and having only a few minutes where I can actually do what I want is time consuming.

In Game Achievements

So thanks to the new Moogle Treasure Trove, I’ve finally been able to get the mounts for Rival Wings and the Hidden Gorge. I know I still have the frontlines mounts to get, but I don’t know how successful I will be at that. I was also aiming to collect as many tomes as possible to get the jacket. However, I managed to get the jacket and I currently have over 200 tomes in my inventory. I7m saving up to see how many MGP cards I can get. I already have all the maps, so there is no point in getting them.

During the past couple of months, I’ve managed to level up all the beast tribes. I was actually surprised on how quickly I levelled up the Ixali, Sahagin, and Amalj’aa. I wasn’t expecting to level up in only a couple of weeks. Then again, I only had to level up Sahagin and Amalj’aa to trusted, and the Ixali up to Honored. So its not like I had to rank up to bloodsworn. I am looking forward to getting new beast tribes in the next expansion.

I was also able to level up my Blue Mage solo. Although that was with help from Heavensward beast tribe quests to get the XP. However, I only have like 45 spells and as I am not logging in so much at the moment, finding the time to collect the rest is a bit of a pain. Although that would help with getting spells to help with the Blue Mage quests, which are even more of a pain if you’re stuck with the Carnival. I will just have to see how well I get on with it later on.

I have also been working on the Firnament and trying to gather as much as possible with a fisher so I have all the gathers up. But it is still boring as a fisher to sit there and press only a few buttons and hope you get the catch you wanted. I was also doing the gather so I could sell stuff and get more gil. I was lucky with kupo of Fortune and got the Casual gear coffer, which sold for over a million gil.

I did try to work on the new relic weapon but the grinding for them is such a pain in the ass. I know that working for the Anima weapon was a pain, but at least it was just raiding or alliance raiding to help collect things. But the later stages of this relic weapon involves going to Bozjan and its just annoying. I was able to rank up there but its not interesting doing the same small selection of fates over and over until you have all the items. It just feels like a waste of time.

Being a Mother

So much has changed in the past 7 months. My Little Lala is growing up so quickly. She is 9 months old and is stand up with out support. She’s also learnt “Mama” and knows how to get my attention. Even though the days are blurring into one, each day comes with so many memories. I’m glad that I quit my job to focus on raising my baby. I don’t think I can part with her each day. I enjoy being a mother, even though its still strange to think that I am a mother but I think its the perfect time for me.

One good thing about having a baby, is getting into daily routines. Especially so now that my LL is eating 3 meals a day. Making sure she gets plenty of play time and exercise within a day I think is important for her. She is at the stage of taking only one step before she sits down and decides to crawl instead. I know its a little early for her to be trying to walk, but she has been in a walker since she was 5 months old as we noticed she was trying to walk when supported then, so we tried it out and she loves it. Of course she is super dangerous in her walker. You really have to be on your toes and be ready to move out of her way or she will attack your feet. She does walk around her walker while holding on to the top, she same with the sofa and anything else she can hold onto for support.

Of course, its not all smiles and rainbows. I have had trouble dealing with everything and not be able to take a breather from everything. Then having to struggle with finding the time to do things while trying to keep up with raising my baby, its been a big learning curve that’s for sure. However, my husband stepped up and did a lot of the chores while I took care of the baby, so it took some things off my mind. Although, its changed now that Amelia is feeding more and sleeping less. I do as much of the chores as I can as there is so much more for me to do. Such as preparing meals and making sure Amelia is eating healthy foods and making sure she eats/tries new foods when possible. Thank good for packet meals at the moment though. They have really helped me keep an eye on newly introduced foods to make sure she doesn’t have an allergy from anything. So far so good, which is a relief. I have also started making a recipe book for baby foods, which has been a great help for breakfast ideas. As I’ve only recently introduced breakfast to her, I needed inspiration. We shall see how I get on as she starts to feed herself and creates a hell of a mess.

One perk of being a creative mother is that I researched different activities to do with my baby and I found sensory boards is a great way for baby to explore the different textures and it encourages my LL to stand. Making the board took me a few weeks to make as there were many changes made, it took a while till the finally completed stage. I only recently made a new beads sensory bag as the first bag I made the beads weren’t stuck together properly, and some had come loose.

Today I had a go at making the sensory bottles, they didn’t turn out as well as I hoped, but with some adjusting, I can make them a little better. I made them because my LL’s new favourite toy is a pet bottle, any pet bottle. If you have a pet bottle new by, she will get it or cry till you give it to her. So I thought she should have something like that of her own. These bottles are the small ones so she can hold them. They could do with being a little smaller, but they were the smallest available.

All of these wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Daiso. Even my husband was surprised at how much I was spending at Daiso to help make it. Even the small pieces of MDF was bought at Daiso, so it made it a hell of a lot cheaper to make. It really is amazing what you can find at Daiso these days. Plus being able to find the items needed in only one shop made it a hell of a lot easier too. Although, some items were found in a certain store and not in another, which is a little annoying but oh well. I have a box of things left over, so if I need to alter even more, I have everything I need (although I’ve run out of the beads, so I would need to buy them again).

Drawing Skills

My other hobby has also taken my focus during the past couple of months. I have been able to practice drawing anatomy and clothing items. It’s not like I have spent hours at a time sketching. Just finding the odd few minutes here and there to work on sketches is all I’m able to do during the day. It’s perfect as I don’t want to spend a long time of my sketches at the moment. I’ve been timing myself when sketching to make sure I get to see more improvements in my work and how to find my own style. this is the whole purpose of practicing, so I can find my own style before focusing on creating pieces that feel more like me.

The plan is to start to work on my art so I can begin to sell pieces or work creating teaching tools to help support my own online classes or create a Pateron page. At the moment I still have a lot of ideas running around in my head that I still need to find my focal point. However, part of me wants to improve my own style first and see where that takes me. Art has always been a hobby of mine, so I want to take this opportunity to explore it and hope to earn a little bit of money to help support my family. Plus I hope to inspire my LL to be creative too. I want to give her loads of chances to explore new things and find what makes her happy. My husband and I both agree that we don’t want to force her into doing something she doesn’t like. My husband loves reading books, I love drawing pictures. We both love watching movies. We want our LL to find what makes her happy and find her own hobbies.

I know that the new expansion is out this week, and I would like to find time to log on and get ready before logging into the early access. But we shall see how well the timing works out. I would really love to long in to play the expansion asap, but I’m sure my LL will have other ideas and will prevent me from logging in one way or another.

well, its late now and I need to sleep as its taken me all evening to type this. I hope to post an update soon.

TTFN~ Ta-ta for now~

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