For me time has flown by so quickly recently. I know I haven’t really be one for posting, but I have a really good excuse! Although I’ve literally had my hands full, I have started to log in a little more and try my luck to see what I can do in-game while my baby is sleeping. Some may see it as a bad thing, but what is the difference from watching TV or a movie while the baby sleeps? Yes its difficult when playing FFXIV as there is no pause button while going anywhere, but that doesn’t mean I ignore my child.


Before patch 5.5, I did try my luck in Rival Wings a few times, but my timing of logging in was not that great. The waiting times for me were over 30 minutes, by the time the waiting times got down to under 5 minutes, I had to log off. I only managed to get a total of 5 more wins towards the Gorilla mounts. I still have a long way to go too T_T Yet, I was able to collect 78 Irregular tomes this time to help me get more MGP and the orchestrion rolls. I hope I can do more runs the next time we can collect irregular tomes

In addition to going to RV, I also spent some time redecorating my house. Even though it was only little adjustments at a time, I changed the basement of my house.

During maintenance I was able to play a little more of NeiR: Automata and complete the main story quests. I was able to unlock the “Chapter Select”. I have so many side quests left to do, but I am glad I was able to finish the story. I have to say that it was fun to play its just a shame that it’s going to take me a lot longer to fully complete the game. But at least now all the main fights are finished and I can focus of levelling up a little more, as I got to level 55 during the last boss fight. However, I never started fishing in NieR as I am still having trouble with completing the fishing quests in FFXV, so I am totally lacking motivation to do it.

Once the patch was released, and I was able to finally log in a few days later, I unlocked the new NieR raid but I had to wait till Sunday to actually go for the first time. I must admit, I am so glad I completed the main story of NieR before going to the raid. I fully understood where this raid was based and it didn’t spoil anything in anyway.

But this boss was almost as annoying in FFXIV as it was in NieR. In NieR, it felt like this boss fight was going on forever as each version of the girl kept spawning all over the place. But this fight was interesting in FFXIV, during my first run I think this was the fight where I first died. I was so proud of myself LOL! I even liked how they incorporated the hacking ability of 9S into this raid, its just a little confusing how to manage the skills. The only thing that I do find weird about the raid is that they changed the names of the last chapter boss fight robots.. Ko-Shi and Ro-Shi sound so much better than Xun-Zi and Meng-Zi. That could totally just be a personal preference though.

I was able to unlock and complete the MSQs on Sunday too as I was very lucky with timing. The new dungeon was interesting to play and I like how they went back to ARR locations and characters. However, it feels like they are going to start tying up loose ends before the big finale. I hope that its not the case as this is my first proper MMO and I still really enjoy playing it.

My Little Lala

its crazy to think that my Little Lala is already 2 months old. Things have been a little challenging indeed and to say I am exhausted is an understatement. yet, I’m somehow managing to get by. The hardest part is I have been told to stay in and not go to the places I want to go to because of Covid. Feeling a little trapped and with a baby is not a good place to be but I am feeling a little better, it still sucks. Although there is nothing stopping me from going really, its just the places I want to go are easier to get to by car and I don’t trust myself driving with my baby in the back at the moment. The last time I drove a car was to the hospital when my husband was away training for work, which was back in September/October. So they only time I get to go places is if my husband drives us, its just that we go to see his family and even then that’s a little difficult for me but for many other reasons (such as with feeding times).

It is wonderful to watch my lala grow at the moment. I only hope that I am not hindering her growth. I have finally downloaded an app that has weekly information about the baby’s growth but it doesn’t mention what it is like to raise a baby with it’s parents speak different languages to it. My husband has told me that baby’s in a bilingual home take a little longer to develop some skills than other babies. So is my baby already at a disadvantage?!?!?! I will have to see how my baby progresses, I don’t want them to be behind other babies, but even then, I want my child to meet other babies and make friends, I just hope that me being a foreigner doesn’t make that difficult as well. So many things that may not go my wayT_T

I will say that I am proud of how well I have adapted to motherhood since she has been born all things considered. I haven’t had any help with looking after my baby like other people do. My mother-in-law originally said that she would come visit and help out as I didn’t feel comfortable with staying at my husband’s parent’s house. Yet, she has never been round. We only see them when we go after a hospital appointment. So I have been hoping I have been doing ok, although finding the time to cook a decent meal while my husband is at work hasn’t been working out as well as I hope. Most of the time I lack motivation to cook anything or I don’t notice the time and I’m too tired to cook anything. When my husband is home, he does cook and wash up, which is great but due to his long shift hours, he is too sleepy to help with looking after the baby. That’s been my biggest struggle is getting my husband to help look after our baby while he is home. I am worried that my child will not know their father well because he works long shift hours and is too tired to spend a lot of time with them. I hope this is all just me worrying too much about it all, so only time will tell.

Anatomy Practice Studies

Last week I was watching Pixar’s “Inside Out” and I always thought that I would use the characters to help my child understand their emotions as they grow up. It was after watching it again that I thought it would be cool for my child to have their own versions of the characters. Wishing to draw the characters myself at my currently confidence level is not ideal. So I decided it was time to set myself a challenge; “a sketch/study-a-day”! Setting some time each day to draw and practice. From there, I went in search of a prompt list on Pinterest to find something that might spark any creativity inside me. Luckily I found one for practising anatomy, something that will definitely come in handy when drawing characters and expressions etc.

This will at least keep me drawing and hopefully improve my skills over time. The only problem is finding the time to sketch. Its taken me over 4 hours to type this post alone. But at least drawing or painting is very relaxing for me so it will help keep me calm throughout the day or it will act as a good release from having a baby throwing a tantrum.

Now I don’t know how often I will be able to up-date this blog but I am hoping once my baby settles more into her daily routine things will be easier and I can manage my time a lot better. Till then, feel free to follow me on twitter and on Deviant Art if you are interested in seeing on how I’m getting on.


TTFN~ Ta-Ta For Now~

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