Things have been pretty hectic recently. Although I have been logging on a lot more recently while my husband is working. I haven’t really had the energy to do a lot of things. I would love to go extremes that I haven’t been able to go to yet, I think its only the last two. But even then I have none of the extreme mounts yet, so I would like to go farming for them, but its just finding the time to learn the mechanics and then having to run them over and over until I am lucky enough to get it. It would be great to form a party of friends who also need the mounts, but I don’t know how lucky I will be for that.

Baby Mode

My little female lala is due in 2 days! On 13th February!

My husband and I have been pretty much in baby preparation mode. We have been very fortunate to receive a lot of things from family and friends, so we didn’t have to buy a lot of stuff. They only things we have been buying are baby books in Japanese and English, a baby bath, a changing mat and floor futon. Everything else has been given to us. The only things left to buy are nappies/diapers for the baby. But seeing as I will be hospital for 6 days, my husband will buy them once we know what size to buy first. I thought it would be a cheaper and safer option rather than just buying the wrong size. Although the doctors say our baby is the average Japanese size for a baby, it might be better to safe then waste money. We’ve been given a lot of clothes for the baby, so we have plenty to last us for a while.

This week, we finally got the baby bed and car seat. I had the wonderful job of making the baby bed, which came without instructions, but I am proud of myself for making the frame in 30 minutes. I admit I had looked on Amazon first at baby beds to help give me an idea. But now that its finally in place and ready for the baby, I feel a lot happier.

A Little Anxious

The only thing that kind of worries me now is when my baby will decide to make her way into the world. I know her due date is soon, but I have been told countless times that the first baby is usually late and its hard to say when exactly. For me, I am also worried about having to deal with a lot of it all on my own. Especially when my husband works over 12 hour shifts at a time, then comes home and sleeps for hours. I know its all hard on him but he says its fine for me to call him as soon as something happens and he will leave work. But I don’t want to burden him too much. Plus I know that I can hold out till the contractions are only 10 minutes apart. Even from there. I will be in the hospital on my own as no friends or family are allowed because of Covid. Its all just really daunting to think that I will be going through the delivery alone, with the chance of having midwives who don’t know a lot of English. But the staff at the hospital I am going to have been amazing and really helpful. Plus I have been able to understand more than I thought I would. I have just been lucky that they have allowed my husband into the room during the scans so he helps translate some of the things for me. My husband has been amazing through this all so far, so to not have him with me during delivery of our baby is gonna be hard, but I will try my best!

Once I am out of the hospital, I hope I will be able to adapt to motherhood well. I know its a big change and there are a lot of things to take into account, but I think another difficult thing about it all is that my parents are not around for support. Although we will still be talking via Skype, its just not the same. My husband’s mother has very kindly offered to come visit me, while my husband is working, to help with cooking and cleaning etc. Even though it was suggested that I go stay with my in-laws for a few weeks after hospital, its not something I felt comfortable with. For one thing, I don’t really know them all that well and they have a crazy poodle and noisy birds in the house. I dunno if I will feel comfortable there. I would rather come straight home and adjust to things here straight away. Plus its my home, I would rather be back here as soon as possible with my baby. I am already living in foreign country, so being around people who don’t really know me all that well would feel more isolating. So I think its best if my mother-in-law comes here to visit and helps out for a bit (hopefully). Of course I would love for my mother to be here and help out, she might have fun using the Japanese appliances at first, but just having someone I really know close by would be a great help.

With everything going, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I have been working on a special something for my husband. This is our first Valentine’s day as a married couple and considering with everything going on, I wanted to do something, even though he said we shouldn’t celebrate this year because we need to save money and we might not even be together on Valentine’s day anyway. Maybe its just the western side of me, but for couples, its still a special day. So even though I already bought him a present before he said we shouldn’t celebrate it, I decided to make him a card with a very heartfelt message inside just to show my appreciation for everything he has done for me. In western culture, Valentine’s day is a way of showing how thankful we are to our loved one and to show how much we really love them. As I have been enjoying doing a bit of art work recently, it felt like the perfect opportunity to make him a card!

Overall, I honestly don’t know if I will get a chance to either log in or update this blog once my baby is here. If I find a chance to do so, I will take it! But I’m really looking forward to this next chapter in my life as my husband and I start to expand our little family and the rest of our parenthood lives together~

So see you all soon~

~Take care~

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