Merry Christmas everyone!

I am sorry for not posting often, there has been a lot going on and I tend to update my social media accounts, such as Facebook and twitter more often than this blog. So I do apologise for neglecting it for a while. I honestly can’t say that I will try my best to post more often, as it depends on how much I actually get to do in game, and how much time I have for both gaming and blogging.

Its all Festive!

I have finally finished decorating Faye’s house so its all festive! I didn’t really change much but the Christmas Dinner is all laid out on the table. The Christmas tree and decorations are all out in the basement. If you ever get the change to take a look, Please do so! If you time, please leave a like and comment in my message book.

Otherwise, as far as in-game content goes, I don’t play as often as I use to, because I wish to spend as much time as possible with my partner when he is not working. So recently, I have decided to not challenge the Savage of Eden. I feel like I cannot commit to it all enough to form a party with other players. Also, I have tried to form a Savage party with friends and no-one was really interested. So it kind of fell flat. I would rather ask my FC for help with Extreme trial clearings as it won’t take as long.


So my partner and I have been talking about one thing we must do before the child is born. Its something we both want to do and it was brought up in conversation when we started dating to be clear that we were both looking for the same thing. That is getting married! It is just that it’s not something we can do whenever we want, there was a lot to prepare.

As a foreigner living in Japan, there is always a lot of paperwork to prepare before there is anything that is sorted out. For me, there were documents I needed to prepare before I was able to go to the British Embassy, such as proof of identity, a birth certificate, my passport and my Japanese resident card. While at the embassy, I had swear to a consular that all the information I provided is correct and pay for them to sign the affirmation. It also meant that I had to travel to Tokyo as I wasn’t allowed to swear the oath in Fukuoka or Osaka. So it was a very short and expensive trip for my partner and I, as he wanted to make sure I was safe while travelling, especially being pregnant and with covid.

The British Embassy Tokyo

It’s a shame that we had to go all that way, for me to say an oath and then get the document officially signed and stamped. But it’s the only way for us to get married, so we had no choice and it’s something we both want.

My partner’s longest friend and their partner signed as witnesses for us, which was greatly appreciated! They have been very supportive of us as a couple. I might have only met them a few times, but we chat on LINE whenever we can. It’s just lucky that my partner and most of friends speak English, so communication is not so bad and I don’t feel like an outsider so much.

A British national getting married in Japan

This might seem strange to most westerners, but as far as the stages of getting married in Japan goes, it’s a jump from being boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife. In western culture, there is the engagement period which can vary in length depending on the couple. It also gives the couple time to prepare the wedding ceremony and reception. However, in Japan, there isn’t really an engagement period per say. For some couples, it can just the matter of getting the wedding rings, filling out the form, getting the Japanese style birth certificate and getting witnesses to sign before handing the document over and it’s done. For others, they may take time to plan a ceremony after they have submitted their form at the city hall.

Not many people give engagement rings to the person they want to marry. Instead they just buy the weddings rings and have a ceremony. At least it’s cheaper!! And probably wiser too, especially as females tend to not wear their engagement ring after they have gotten married.

For us, due to the current situation, we only really decided to submit the form and we will have a reception later when it is safe to do so. We don’t really want a fancy ceremony to declare our love for each other, more of a private affair with family and friends. As well as having a ceremony during this time when Covid cases are on the rise, it’s safer for everyone if we wait for now, and even more so for me as I am pregnant.

My partner actually proposed to me when we were planning our trip to Tokyo, so I could get the necessary documents needed to get married in this country, at the start of December. He got down on one knee after handing me a small box which contained both our wedding rings inside and asked me to marry him after I opened the box. Of course I said yes, I was about to get a bit tearful but fought back the tears. I really wasn’t expecting him to buy the rings. But at the moment I am waiting for my ring to be resized. I took a ring that fits me to the jewelers when we went to ask for it to be resized, because I have been warned that my fingers swell during pregnancy, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. It just didn’t hurt to be sure about the size.

An Eventful Year

Overall, this year has been an eventful for me and one of the best years of my life. Everything I thought would never happen to me because I would never be able to find the right person but I do. I don’t know what 2021 has in store for me, but I know that my main priority will be my family. I hope I will be a good mother to my baby. It might be difficult being so far away from my family but I know I have great friends here I can turn to.

That’s all for now. I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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