I am sorry for not posting very much on my blog!!! I have a very good reason why I promise!!!

As some of you know if you follow my twitter account, I have some very good news!!

I’m pregnant!!

I have been absent from posting because I haven’t been logging much into FFXIV. I am currently 18 weeks pregnant and I have (well I hope I have) gotten past the morning sickness phase of my pregnancy.

Recently, we were lucky to find the sex of the baby and we are having a little boy and we have decide to call him Kotaro Owen. He will have two names, one Japanese and one English because of his parents and to help connect him to his roots. I have told my parents they can call him Owen if it’s easier for them hahaha my mother still has trouble saying my partner’s name, so it will definitely be easier for her LOL!


Since finding out the news, I have been so exhausted most of the time. My work hours have yet to be changed but I really am finding it hard to teach 19 lessons each week. My little baby bump is already showing. If the teacher hasn’t already told a class of students, them some of them have even noticed and have tried to ask if I have a baby.

I know it’s natural for expecting mothers to sleep a lot, so they can get as much rest as they can. But I never thought I would be this exhausted doing the simplest of things.

After getting home from work, I tend to relax on my bed, and the next thing I know, 2 hours had passed. One day I even slept from 7pm to 5:30am the next day. It’s crazy to think how much I actually sleep, but so do realise that I need it. If I don’t catch up on my sleep now, how the hell am I going to manage after the baby is born???

Worst Part of Pregnancy

Nothing in life could ever prepare me for morning sickness. I was even asking my mother how she was during pregnancy and she said she didn’t get it bad. Bloody typical!

It’s been horrible for me. Being sensitive to smells has not helped at all. I couldn’t even stand to be in the kitchen for more than a few seconds, as I would be dashing to the bathroom.

I even had a horrible time between weeks 13-16, where I was being sick once or even twice a day for 4 days before getting a good day of keeping everything down. It was seriously scary and worrying, as I wasn’t sure if the baby was getting what it needed. But I was assured by my doctor that my baby is healthy and growing well.

Also, note to the wise… Don’t get pregnant over the summer!! The heat doesn’t help either!! I only got 2 weeks off work for summer vacation this year due to Covid, and schools trying to catch up on missed lesson schedules. Even walking to and from work was hard for me. I just wanted to stay home near the AC.

Lifestyle Changes

While the time I have slept has been increasing, I have also spent a lot of time with my partner who has been amazing during the pregnancy so far. I can’t believe I managed to find someone, and now we are starting a family together. It also means that my focus has changed. I only really play games when my partner is at work because he works like 24hour (sometimes longer) shifts. And then has the rest of the day and the next day off. So I try to spend more time with him when he is off.

However, over a week ago, he has been away at an academy, studying for his promotion. He still has another 6 weeks to go, so I have more time to play for a while. But I have also started drawing more pictures for my classes. So I am sketching and drawing most of the time, which is really relaxing for me. Also, it helps that my students are amazed when they see my pictures. So I am glad it helps in some way or another.

As I am trying to log on more for the next couple of weeks, don’t forget to say hi to me in game…. And maybe even go places with me.

See ya~~

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