Hello everyone~!

Yesterday was Spelunkers’ FC event “春のファッションモデル 2020“. It was really fun to watch what other people had prepared. It was all prepared by our amazing master Yk Ot-san.

However, it also made me feel a little reluctant to show what I had prepared. I still went up on stage and showed the macro that took me a while to sort out. Although I didn’t save a video from when I was actually on stage but I went to my house afterwards and did a video instead.


Now on twitter, someone asked me to share the macro that I used in the video. so here it is:

/micon “dance” emote
/megaflare motion <wait .2>
/gearset change 31
/minion “wind-up edvya” <wait .2>
/examineself motion <wait .3>
/pose motion <wait .6>
/joy motion <wait .3>
/edance motion <wait .18>
/pplace motion <wait .3>
/vpose motion

Otherwise it was fun event at the FC and perfect timing just before golden week starts. I’m looking forward to the next event ^^

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