I know it has been awhile since I posted, but if you remember I was busy with moving to a different part of Japan. I can’t believe that my last post was all the way back in February and its almost the end of April. It really was horrible, stressful few months but due to current circumstances, I am glad to be able to relax at home and adjust to my new surroundings but I am starting to stress out about starting work at a new school. Anyway, I will talk more about that later…


So after moving, and logging in a lot less than usual, I was able to work quickly on levelling up all the crafters and gatherers! Although using the Crystarium Deliveries to help level up the first classes; Goldsmith, Weaver, Carpenter, Leatherworker and Miner helped give them a load of Exp to get them high enough. Seeing as these classes are needed to help make the gear for Crafters and gatherers, it only seemed right to levelling them up first. Then with the help of Isghard Restoration to push them up to lv80, it took a little bit of getting use to all the collecting in the new Diadem but it was worth it. Although I felt like was I in there for so many hours gathering for Miner and Botanist.  I found levelling the rest of the classes of was easier to do because although I wasn’t able to use the Crystarium deliveries, I found that some of the Levequests were helpful in boosting up the Exp, as well as being sure to do the Company Deliveries and turning in HQ items for the bonus xp. For the Fisher, of course the new Ocean fishing was perfect for levelling up, and once I have higher level gathering gear, I want to go again to help get the Shark mount that I know most people already have. So I guess I am going to be busy gathering collectables etc.

In-game Goals

Seeing as I was able to levelling up all my job classes, this now leaves me with time to complete/collect other things which I have yet to do. So here is the list of things I want to do;

  • Get Titania mount

  • Get Innocence mount

  • Get Hades mount

  • Get Shark mount from Ocean fishing

  • Get DD mount (yes I have still yet to reach the highest floor)

  • Get HoH mount (again… yet to make it to the 100th floor)

  • Complete Hydatos in Eureka

  • Possibly try BA…

  • Get O4S Mount

  • Get O8S Mount

  • Try to go to E4S

  • Finish Collecting Orchestrion Rolls

  • Work on Levelling up Jak (my Sub character)


FFVII Remake

Another reason why I haven’t been logging in was because once this little beauty finally arrived. I was patiently waiting for my package to arrive because I really wanted to see what the figure actually looked like, but I wasn’t expecting him to be as big as he is either. It was definitely a surprise when I opened the box to find that the box for Cloud and Daytona was taking up most of the space with the discs being put down the side. Anyway, I wasn’t going to play this game as much as I could, because 1, I am sure that I wouldn’t really sleep much, and 2, I was going slowly working my way through this game to make it last as long as possible. Of course, its only now that I realise, that I am still half through getting all the trophies because most of the extra collectable items in the game are only unlocked within Hard mode T-T. I played the game through on easy because I had a little problem with the Demo and found I needed to get use to the combat style first before tackling the higher difficulties. For now, completing it in easy mode is enough. I can always play it occasionally to take a break from other games.

Although saying that… I still have to fully complete FFXV, as I am currently working my way through the hunts and Hidden Dungeons, which I feel like they take forever because I am fighting the same monsters over and over again. In addition, I’m also playing NieR: Automata and that is a game I only seem to play for short periods of time. It can get confusing sometimes, but its still interesting to play, I just feel like I need to be in the right mind-set to play it.


As I mentioned before, moving has been really stressful and not only because I had so much stuff to pack and throw away things I didn’t want/need, but also because the company I work for were so bad at giving me information that I ended just sorting out what I could before getting any real information about where I would be working. It also took me a long time to actually unpack the 30+ boxes that was moved to my new apartment. Even now, I feel like I have put things out but it looks messy, So I have been slowly going through things and packing them away a little more neatly.  I wonder how long I will be able to keep things clean. At least there is one good thing for staying at home, and that’s how often things actually get cleaned because I am doing the odd jobs here and there. I am sure everything will change when I start back at work because I will just be so exhausted to actually try to get things done.

Recent Events

I’m sure that everyone is doing their best to stay healthy and avoiding any ways to contracting the covid-19. I for one have barely left my apartment and the only person I come into contact with is my boyfriend… and may the staff at my local supermarket when buying food. Otherwise, I have been sure to isolate myself indoors. It really feels like its a long vacation at the moment. I have been drawing, watching movies, playing games and then sleeping. As much as I would like to prepare for work, I honestly how no real idea on what I should be doing to prepare. When I was living in Hiroshima, I was a High School English teacher and I was able to work on my curriculum for my lessons. However, I will be working in Junior High School and I have no idea what textbook they will be using or at what standard the students are. So I won’t really know what I am able to do and start planning lessons until I start working at the school I am going to. So all I can do now is brainstorm ideas for activities that I will be able to use within the classroom with the restrictions that will possibly be set in place.

I hope that you are doing the best you can given the circumstances. Please stay safe and healthy during this time!



I am hoping that I will be able to get into posting more entries soon!

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