Long time no see!

お久しぶりです~ 1月前に私はポストを書きました、すみません、私は少し忙しかった。来月で福岡市に引っ越すので、たくさんやることがあります。

Ok… gonna continue in English!


Although I haven’t been motivated to pack, I have been logging on a lot more than I had hoped. As I have been motivated to finish levelling up War classes. I am happy to say that I have done pretty well. I have even used up all of the resting XP that I have collected while not playing so much. I am so close to actually finishing levelling up Gunbreaker, which then only leaves Bard left to do. I did also work on my Goldsmith and Miner a little bit over the weekend. But I will have to work on the rest after I move when I have time to do so. I have also pre-ordered FFVII Remake, even though I’ve yet to complete both NieR YoRha and Witcher 3. But at least I can play them whenever I want.



So, as of last Thursday, I finally got confirmation that I my transfer to Fukuoka Branch has be confirmed! So things have been pretty hectic recently. But I have totally lack the motivation to pack most of my stuff. Now I have been good and I have done things in little parts. Most of the things in my apartment are things that I need to get rid of. Its just getting it done and the big things I need to get rid of require a special form or something that I need to get from the City website (which is in Japanese) and the convenience store.

Now I have tried to be more organised with this move compared to when I moved 4 years ago. I have made a checklist of everything that needs to be done. I even made a list of the things I own to go through and see what I can sell, throw away or keep. In fact, this weekend I managed to pack away most of the things I have in the Living room, which was really just a load of books, CDs, DVDs and stationary, well they are all in boxes at least, I haven’t taped the boxes yet as I know I will definitely be using my stationary more often than anything as art helps me to relax.

Its going to be strange moving again but at least this time its for a much better reason than to just moving for a change of scenery. Moving to be closer to my bf is a big step for me. Admittedly, most of my relationships have been fairly long distance an nothing really became of them. So, actually moving to the same city where my partner actually lives is a major thing. I am really excited about what is in store and I can’t wait to start this new path in my life. I know its going to be really strange but when you meet someone who really makes me this happy and who still loves me even though I struggle with anxiety and depression a lot. He is very supportive and still wants to be with me. Also, as someone who is willing to drive around 5 hours to visit me where I live, he is definitely a keeper! At least living in the same city will mean less driving for him. Its gonna be a new adventure for the both of us, even more so as this is a long-term relationship. We are both looking to settle down and we have talked a lot about our future and where the relationship is headed. We have even spoken to our families about each other and both parents want to meet the person we have chosen to be with. My bf has even told me that his grandmother wants to meet me soon. As if meeting his parents wasn’t scary enough, I will be meeting more members of his family. To be honest, I am sure he will meet most of my family when we both visit the UK together during the summer (if we can both afford to go).



As I will be moving during the Spring Vacation, there is one huge downside to it all. Now although my company knows about the transfer, I have to wait to hear if they have notified the Board of Education, who will then tell the schools I work at before I can actually say goodbye to any of my students. This is a huge downside, because this week is actually the last week I will teach my students before I leave. As it stands, they only thing I can say is that its their last Team Teaching lesson with me this year because I don’t teach the students beyond their first year. I can’t tell them that is more of a farewell, goodbye because I have yet been given the ok to tell my teachers that I am leaving, let alone the students.

Now its going to be hard, because there is one school where I have worked at for all the 4 years I have lived in Hiroshima. Its my main school where I have taught all but one class in the entire school. I don’t know if they will make me say a speech during an assembly or something, nerve wreaking as that will be. Its going to be one of the hardest things I will have to do. When I did a speech at my schools in Iwate, I actually only had to give one speech to the entire school out of the 3 that I taught at. It was such a sad time, and there is a video on Youtube that the principle of the school posted of me saying goodbye to all the students after the 3rd years graduation ceremony practice. Yet, to the school where I worked at for 3 years, I gave a speech during the teachers meeting on my last day working there. I was trying not to cry towards the end as I said goodbye and thank you for all the support over the last three years. Although one of the hardest things I had to do was say Goodbye to the brass band club at the school. I joined the club in my first year working there and took part in their concerts and had fun getting the students to talk to me in English outside of English class. Although I regret not joining band club at my main school, but its more of a Marching band, which isn’t my thing. I prefer more of an Orchestral club where we get to sit down and play.

However, I do hope that I actually get to say goodbye to ESS before I go. I have spent a lot of time with a small group of students where I have helped them with Eiken, speech writing and helped them understand English novels. There may be time after test week where I can say goodbye to them.


ok….. that’s the sentimental stuff out of the way



I promise I will try my best to post more after I move, once I have settled in and everything is going well. I am excited to see what will happen after March and what life will bring my BF and I as we able to see a lot more of each other.


I will stop here, before I go into another rant that no-one is really gonna wanna read.


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