Since the release of ShadowBringers, I totally forgot to post a status update. Although to be honest, I didn’t think that levelling was important this time around. Of course, there is the incentive of trying to get the mount once you’ve levelled up all the classes. But its just one mount. I was more focused on trying to clear Savage, but finding it difficult because of RDM stats and their low DPS. It was only then that I decided on levelling and trying to collect as much Phantas. as possible to increase my item level.

Even now I have only 4 War classes left to level up. I am currently levelling up my Dark Knight which is at lv74 atm.  I will be working on my crafters and gatherers once the next big patch has been released. Right now, I will slowly work on doing levelling with TRUST as I have almost got Urianger and Y’Stola at lv80 with Ryne still at lv78.


While I have been focused on other things. Such as being busy with work, trying to play other games, watching drama series and so on, I have been logging in to FFXIV a lot less then I used to do. Most evenings, I just haven’t felt the need to log in, so I didn’t. I don’t want to waste time by logging into the game, only to go to one dungeon and then just be AFK for a long period of time. I know I am paying for a monthly subscription but I feel like I need to take a step back a little and try to do other things with my time.

I’ve also bought Witcher 3 after watching the Netflix series and I was interested in seeing what the game is like. So I have been playing that rather than logging in most days. Although I’m still trying to get use to fighting style, I will get there eventually haha. Otherwise, I have also being playing Overwatch a little more as well as there are some reward events with skins that I like. So that’s another incentive to play a different game for a while. It just means that I haven’t been playing NieR much recently. But who knows, maybe I might back into playing that soon…


~ Eden Savage~

On Monday, I actually cleared E3S with the help of people from a LS. Now I have the confidence to help my friend clear it with their sub character before we start on the 4th level. That’s once they can get the il360 weapon so they can upgrade it.

Now I have a while to try to watch as many videos as I can to help give me an idea of E4S so I can clear it before they release the next stages of Eden haha.



In my previous post, I mentioned that there has been some changes in my life and it would mean that I would be focusing more on that then playing FFXIV. Well that really has developed since then. As I have finally met someone who means a great deal to me, I don’t want to be apart from them for a long period of time. So I have requested to transfer so I can be closer to them. That does mean that over the next 2 months I will be busy trying to get rid of my stuff and looking for moving companies. I need to put moving as my top priority to ensure that I am fully prepared this time when I move.

Luckily I have already finished planning my lessons all the way up to March before my students take their end of year tests. So that’s most of my work done for the year. I just have to teach the lessons and check their homework.  But at least it means that I can start to focus on sorting my things out when I’m not at work.

Last time I moved in Japan, I was too busy doing other things and planning lessons all the way up to March, as my contract was different at the time. I was pretty much stressing out about moving and then having a weeks of training to go to before moving into my new apartment was horrible. As this will be the second time I will be moving in Japan, I have a better understanding of what to do. This time I can plan things better.

After I do move, it means that I will be playing a little less as I will trying to spend as much time with my partner as possible. He does work long shifts, so I will have some evenings to myself to play games in my free time. So don’t worry, I don’t plan on stopping gaming any time soon. I’m a gamer gal through and through hahaha


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