With only 3 more days till my favourite day of the year, I think its time for me to talk about why I like it and to talk more about this western festival.

This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!~


Now I know that many people believe that Halloween originated from America, but they are totally wrong. It’s origins are from the UK. Although it is said that its origins go back to the Celtic Harvest festival and Gaelic festival the “Samhain”. This was to make the end of the harvest and to prepare for the dark winter months to come. These festivals may have roots are believed to be from pagan. However, when Christianity was introduced to the UK, they didn’t like the dark side of the holiday, so they tried to take over and make them celebrate All Saint’s day, aka All Hallow’s Day, instead. However, it became more of a 3 day long festival.

All Hallow’s Eve (31st October)

It is commonly known by its shortened version, Halloween. It is the pagan “Festival of the Dead”. Its the one day where the boundaries between the two worlds are at its thinnest. Which meant that creatures from the underworld or Aos Si (the spirits and fairies), were able to pass through into the land of the living and to some, this meant that souls of the dead could revisit their homes and join their families for one night. Some people would set a place at a table near the fire for them to sit and join them during the feast. Which I think is sweet. Okay, it might seem a little crazy, but at least it shows another day where you remember your past loved ones and allow them to join you.

Whereas, for Samhain, people would give offering to help ensure they would survive the winter ahead. They would leave food, drink, and portions of crops where left outside for Aos Si to take. So I guess this is similar to the Christian Harvest festival. Although for Christian’s its more about thanking God, they still give offerings during the harvest service.

All Saint’s Day (1st November)

Moving onto the Christian day of All Saint’s day. It is otherwise known as All Hallows’ Day, or Hallowmas (so another day like Christmas???). This is where people remember past Saint’s, known or unknown. Saint’s are like important people in the past.

It is celebrated because they believe there is a strong spiritual bond between the Saints in Heaven and this people on Earth.

All Soul’s Day (2nd November)

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