I am so sorry for not posting a lot recently.  I have seriously lacked motivation to play FFXIV recently. Its not because I have run out of things to do. No, its far from that,I have so much to do. Its just that levelling up all the jobs is becoming a repetitive form of torture. I know that with the current event, levelling up classes while going to PvP is a good idea. Its still annoying when you have to wait ages. Even doing roulettes has become this cruel long queue. I can understand how everyone wants to go to PvP to get the Garo gear before 5.1, but its still annoying.

All Job Classes to Level 80

I know that this alone should be keeping me busy, but I got the title I wanted first “Soul of Magic”. I am a caster main through and through. I have levelled the other job classes that I used a lot during SB. Its just I have the job classes that I don’t use that often and I am just not in the mood to figure out their rotations. Its just too much work and effort. Although, I admit that I am currently levelling Ninja and its always been a fun class to do randomly. Its just I don’t know how efficient my skills as a ninja are. I know its not like I am going to Savage as a Ninja or anything. But I really don’t want to pull the PT back no matter where we are.

However, I know that to cut waiting queues, I can just continue going with the Trust system. But there are so many times I can go to a dungeon in one day. I would rather do something more interesting.

My other hobbies

Now as much as I do love going to places with people in LS’s and with the FC. There have been times where my focus has moved to other things. I have been watching a lot of Netflix and would rather marathon drama’s that try to find something to do in-game. Also, I started a Character design course back in September and I have been slowly working on it. So my time has been spent doing other things.

So its more like I have been putting off playing so much recently. Since I started playing over 2 years ago, I have accumulated a lot of playtime hours. So I think its good to take a step back from playing every free time I have.  Also, now that there are certain aspects in my life that could possibly change, I really do need to limit my playing time. I won’t stop altogether. I really enjoy playing FFXIV, not only have I met some great people, but it gives me a chance to use Japanese. Where as, surprisingly, I don’t use Japanese at work. While teaching at HS, the classes have to be completely in English. I also talk to my co-workers in English (well I am in a room full of Japanese teachers of English [JTEs]), so I don’t get to speak in Japanese very often. So it really helps me. I believe I also surprised a friend whom I was lucky to meet at Fan Fest because I always spoke in Japanese to them in game, they couldn’t believe it when they met me in RL.


While I say I have no motivation to level up my classes, I was able to re-decorate my house. I was finally able to float certain objects and dye almost everything black LOL. Its perfect for Halloween hehe I really have been getting into the festive spirit. I have even changed the glamours for the classes I use the most into Halloween costumes.


To also help with the festivities this year, I suggested that members in a LS and the FC I joined, would like to do a “Halloween Full Party Treasure Hunt”. I suggested we give rewards to those who open to the portal first and those who either clears all the rooms or gets the furthest. Making it more fun for those taking part. So fingers crossed it all goes to plan (^^)



As I said before, there are certain things in my life that could possibly change. Now recently, I have been forcing myself to exercise more, rather than just sit on my ass and play FFXIV. I need to change my life style. Even more so as when I went for my last health check, my doctor told me I had an Arrhythmia (Irregular heartbeat). So it pointed out the fact that I need to look after myself more. Change my routine and be more active. So that is another reason to cut down my playing time. Plus I need to loose wait and I even started doing Yoga to help me strengthen my body and hopefully loose weight. I have already started to see changes and I will continue to do my best. Not just for my hearts sake, but so I can happy with myself again. I was feeling pretty lot over summer vacation but now things are looking up. New friendships have helped lift my spirits and brought me back to my old self.

So here’s to a new me!


You might see me online less from now on, but I will never stop playing completely, unless something happens in my life that means I will have to think of doing just that. But be sure to say to me when you see me online. I will be sure to continue to invite friends to roulettes etc.


See you in game soon~~!

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