To help take a break from all the horrible levelling via repetitive dungeon runs and the long ass wait times. So I decided to do something while waiting and what better to do, than do FATEs. I might as well work towards getting Rank 3.

Over the weekends, I have been really finding it easier to do the fates rather than a dungeon run. So I set to work.

My Shared FATES ranking – 24th Sep 2019


So there is one awesome thing about the fates in ShB, its that as you do the fates, they go towards to levelling up your rank. There are 3 ranks in total. For each rank, you are able to get different items from the “Gemstone Trader” located in the main settlement of the area.

Share FATE Items

Achievement Fates

One good thing about the fates, is that’s in each area, the achievement Fates are part of a chain of fates.

Achievement Fate Info

The above link is of a post with information of where the fates are. Sometimes you might be lucky and come across people who are already working on them. I am sure they don’t mind if you start joining in. The more people who are helping at the last achievement Fate, the better.

Time Consuming

If there is one thing that is a little annoying about doing the shared Fates, its the time it takes to rank up. While the first rank is only 15 fates, the second rank is 60. So it’s best to do the fates a little bit at a time. But it’s worth it at the end of it all. I spent a few weekends just doing as many fates as I can and I managed to get to Rank 3 within the 2 days. But that is because I didn’t have enough motivation to do anything else, and it helped levelling up a job class doing fates in certain areas.

Its probably far more fun to do with a group of people and help each other complete fates quicker. I did most of the fates on my own or other random people joined in who were also working on their ranking. So I guess it just depends on how lucky you are with doing the fates and finding that other people are doing them too.


Now I have to say, I love how they give us more incentive to do the fates. I am sure I am no way near with doing the fates for the achievements (as in “complete 3000 fates”) in the Achievements window. But at least with this you get far more rewards and it will help with crafting when you get to Rank 2 and unlock the HQ items.  It might be a slow process to rank up, but its worth it. I am aiming for the Dancer barding and the minions once I have ranked up in Amh Araeng and the Tempest.

Also, don’t forget to check the Party Finder, I don’t know if they are many parties now, but I have joined PTs that are working on the ranking and will go from fate to fate in the area. It will definitely help and will make it a lot quicker and easier.


I wish you all the best of luck on working to ranking up your Share FATES.



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