Seeing as it has been over a month since its release. There are something that I wish were changed but I have no idea if it will actually happen. But seeing as I haven’t really posted in a while, this may be a lengthy post. Even though I started this post early August, it has also taken me a while to finally post it.


I am glad that it is easier to level up in ShB. Well it feels easier to me anyway. Maybe it’s because for SB, I was literally levelling classes from lv0 up to lv70. Even though it’s only 10 levels, it feels easier this time around. Levelling in HW was so much more time consuming. Having to relay on not only roulettes, but FATEs as well to get you to the next level dungeon.

At least we have the trust system this time. Which is a good way to learn the dungeon mechanics. And at least you don’t have to worry about a DPS running ahead of you with the trust system.

Last week, I did the levelling roulette and ended up at Holminster Switch. This dungeon can be hell for healers. I know, I levelled all my healers and I was the tank. I pulled the second group of adds and I thought the healer was fine, but I died. The healer was trying but I think they were new. Anyway, I didn’t pull after that. However, that didn’t stop the ninja from running ahead of me. At the first boss they attacked first and I let them carry on for a while before pulling the boss over to the side. They didn’t seem to know the mechanics well because they were getting hit by even the simplest attacks. After that fight. I did my best to try to get the hate, but the DPS weren’t attacking the same one I was and they got hate. And I didn’t care for getting the hate back either. Sod ’em! They were English players too and I couldn’t be added to tell them to stop running off, as it’s a waste of energy.

Anyway, after we finished the dungeon, I stayed and waited for the healer to finish the cutscene and told them I think it’s difficult here for a healer (well that’s what I hope I said). But they were apologising for the run and I felt they did their best and even though I died twice only at the start when I pulled. That’s a good sign they were doing their best. I know there are some people who use jump potions, and I am not a big fan of new players using them. But if it doesn’t mean I am gonna discriminate in the dungeon. I pull at the start to test the healer, like dip my toe in the water. If I die, then at least I know not to pull from now on. If a player is new to the dungeon, then I won’t pull either. It’s just me being polite.

Shared FATES

This is really good incentive to doing fates. I really like the idea. It’s just going to take me a while to get to Rank 3 in all the areas. I do have all the areas to rank 2, between 18~36, so that’s not too bad. I just need to level up my other classes through fates more with the next job class I decide to level up.

It’s a much easier way to get riding maps for the areas as well. As each rank unlocks new items. As the limit for collecting gemstones from doing each fate, at least you can get crafting materials to help level up the crafter’s later on.

Trust System

This is something I recently started to work on. It’s definitely something that may help you get use to either certain job class or to familiarise yourself with sills.

I found it’s good for tanking practice. As you can find out where is best to pull during the run. Although it won’t help you with DPS running off and to handle their inpatient asses. At least you can get use to tanking for a while, untill you feel ready to go with other players.

Eden normal

So the new Normal raid was released just before August. And I have to say… I LOVE THE BGM!!!! Although it’s a more up-beat version of the old primal version songs. It’s great! I can’t wait to get the OST for ShB.

I also like the mechanics of each level. I have been going as a healer as I feel that healing it is fun and I feel a little safer as a healer.

One good thing about the N.raids this time, is the loot system is a little different. Rather than having only 4 pieces of loot for each level, you get around 8, allowing you more opportunities to get the exchangeable item you want. It also means you can aim to only get the item for the body at all 4 levels. Before, you could only get body gear from the last level and it was limited to one piece per week. So it took a lot longer to get gear.

Eden Savage

If one thing is clear this savage raid levels this time around, it’s how much most classes have been nerfed. While others are overpowered. As a RDM main, it’s been hard to do savage this time around. Not only because the efficiency of the player is more important, but the firepower of an RDM feels a lot lower than before.

But seeing as I am having so much trouble… Yet again. I am giving up on Savage. It’s too stressful and I have been all over the place mentally this summer vacation, that it’s good to take a step back. I might just work on something else for a while.

New Gear

Within most levelling dungeons in FFXIV, for each patch, there a certain gear set that is the best. For SB, it was the lv63 gear. Although technically it was a swimsuit, you saw a lot of people using it for glamour’s. This time, it’s the lv75 gear. I really like the style of the body pieces for caster and healers. I have used them as my RDM and AST glamour’s.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like the design of other gear, it’s just it isn’t my style. They are all different, so I am sure you will find something you like.


Yeah… New patch=new tomes yet again. The only long surviving tome is Poetics. I don’t know if they were in ARR, but they were definitely there during HW. It’s just a shame that I have seen 3 different sets of tomes over the 3 years I have played.

The tomes are Goetia and Phantasmagoria. Nice names to pronounce, right. At least the collecting system doesn’t seem to change. Just the tome design and its name. For the time being, I am just going to focus on levelling and collecting as many tomes as I can, to help increase my item level a bit more.


Overall, ShB is really a great expansion and gives you a lot to do while you are waiting for new content. As I am currently trying to work on other things than playing the game so much. I feel like I appreciate the game more when I do do play.

Since this summer vacation has been the worst for me for many reason. I thought it was time for me to take a step back from gaming and focus on improving my artistic skills. Art has always been a passion of mine since my Grandparents bought me my first water-colour pencil set when we were on Holiday in the Lake District, the UK, when I was six years old. My Grandparents were artists and specialised in water-colour. I wanted to be like them and went to draw as many pictures as I could. I went on to study Art at A-level. However, since I started playing FFXIV, my time for drawing pictures was limited to small sketches on my worksheets only. I feel like I have lost sight of myself in the game. Art has always been the perfect form of therapy for me and got me through hard times in my life. As I have been dealing with a lot of personal issues due to players in the game. I feel its time to limit the amount of game play and focus on things that have always relaxed and cheered me up.

That’s also the reason it has taken me around a month to write this post. Limiting my game time means I don’t really have much to type about for my blog. But who knows what will happen when I feel like I am back to a more stable place in my life.




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