So I forgot to make a post about the changes my character has gone through over the past two years. Although there have been a fair few changes, some of them were only minor, so I want to focus on the big changes.

Original Character

Name: Runa Hyun / ルナ ヒュン

Race/Clan/Gender: Hyur / Highlander / ♀

Nameday: 18th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon

Guardian: Thaliak, the Scholar

City-state: Gridania

Main Job: White Mage

Reason for the Name: Runa – was chosen because I was really having trouble trying to think of a name, but there were a lot of girls called Runa in one year group. So I went with that.Kim Soo-Hyun

Hyun: Was actually taken from my favourite Korean Actor “Kim Soo-hyun”. I didn’t really want to use such a generic name as Kim, so I went with Hyun instead LOL. After a while, I kind of regretted it and wish I had chosen a better name.


This is my original FFXIV character. This photo I think is actually when I was levelling up as a Black Mage, so I could go places with my friend more easily. I remember trying to make a character was looked like me.. I don’t why, but I did. I even remember setting her height to 160cm, which is my own height lol.

It was fun to play as a Hyur, but I felt that after completing HW and having not much to do… and I was online at 3am.. I decided it was time to change things up a bit.

Version 2

Name: Runa Hyun / ルナ ヒュン

Race/Clan/Gender: Miqo’te/ Keeper of the Moon / ♀

Nameday: 18th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon

Guardian: Thaliak, the Scholar

City-state: Gridania

Main Job: Black Mage

Reason for the Name: ~no name change~

So here is the first version of Miqo’te Runa. Over the year, she was change a fair few times because I kept changing my mind. Although they were only small changes, one big change was the fact I changed my Main job to Black Mage. After levelling it up, and getting use to the different rotations, I was happy with being a caster. Some might complain about the cast times, but for me, I am perfectly happy with that.

Even though I was always changing her looks, I getting rather down about not playing with many people. To cheer myself up a bit, It was time to change race again.

Version 3


Name: Luca Tia’na / ルカ ティアナ

Race/Clan/Gender: Lalafell / Dunsfolk / ♀

Nameday: 18th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon

Guardian: Thaliak, the Scholar

City-state: Gridania

Main Job: Red Mage

Reason for the Name: Luca – was chosen because as I was playing I had come to like the sound of Luca. I was going to change the spelling to Lucca but decided against it.

Tia’na – This is my own variation of the surname of one beloved character in the game. I honestly didn’t know at the time that he would play just an important role in the story. The character is none other are beloved Exarch-G’raha Tia. I was looking through the encyclopedia at all of the named characters. Once I read his bio and reminiscing about the Crystal Tower story arc, I was thinking of how I could use his name for own character.


After getting the hang on Red Mage, it soon became my main job class in Stormblood. I love Black Mage and how it be complex due to all the different rotations, but for RDM it was a lot easier to control and move about while casting most spells. It did take a while for me to change the name as a Lalafell, as I wanted a more gender-fluid name, as I changed it when I changed to a male Au’ra for a very short time.

Version 4

Name: Faye Nyxie / フェイ ニキシー

Race/Clan/Gender: Lalafell / Dunsfolk / ♀

Nameday: 18th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon

Guardian: Thaliak, the Scholar

City-state: Gridania

Main Job: Red Mage / Astrologian

Reason for the Name: Faye – or alternative spelling is Faie, means Fairy in Old English. It took me over an hour to research fairy and pixie names online. I was debating over so many different names. However, when I read that Faye meant something in old English, I think I was pleased to find something relating to my countries history LOL.

Nyxie – my version of Nixie, means Water sprite in old German. I really loved how the name Nixie sounded. And as it also originated from a European country, it was making more sense to use it. Especially as I was going to use a first name from an older version of a language, it just made logical sense to do the same with the surname.


Although my race has not changed, because Lalafells are just too cute to not play LOL The only big change is that I changed the name a week after playing in in Shadowbringers. I finally found a name that is more personal to me.

Ever since they released the info about Titania, I was in fan-girl over load. I absolutely adore anything Butterfly, Pixie, Witchy, Mythical related. I have always been interested in the old ways and life style of my homeland. I am very open to different views of different religions. In a way I kind of consider myself to be a Pagan-Christian. Although now, I have lost my faith in Christianity a little. I have recently researched about Paganism and its very interesting. So to see something relating to something I am also interested in makes me jump for joy. But I should probably leave all of that for another post LOL.

Recently I have been alternating between playing RDM and AST, so I decided to set them both as my Main. I have been to Extreme roulettes, and to the new Raid as an AST. I have been finding it difficult to adjust to the new adjustments as a RDM, so I feel I need to sort out my rotation as an RDM first before trying to do Eden Savage.


I don’t know what changes may occur in the future in playing FFXIV, but I do know that I won’t be changing my characters name any time soon. Although, I am not sure I can say the same for changing the race. While being a Lalafell, there have a few times where I have changed race to follow my friends who have also changed races. However, it didn’t last for very long and after a week or so, I changed back to a Lalafell.


I hope this has helped show the reasons for changes over the past 2½ years. I am sure there will be another updated version of this post in years to come. So please be on the look out!

Thanks for reading~

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