I finally finished levelling up my sub class-Astrologian!! So thats 2 magic classes done. It seems to be fairly easy to level up classes in ShB. I only started working on Levelling my AST at the weekend. Now I want to farm tomes so I can get the highest level gear.

I plan to level up the magic classes first as they seem to be what I am good at and feel most comfortable with. However, I might level up Samurai and Warrior somewhere inbetween.

So AST get Neutral Sect when they reach Lv80 and it has a cute solar effect animation. Its kinda cute. I now need to learn my skills more.

I would like to keep my 4 main classes; RDM, SAM, AST and WAR, as my 4 main classes for ShB. Who knows, I am thinking of having RDM and AST as my two main classes. But we will have to see if I get more members in my Static Group.

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