Seeing as I can’t sleep due to shit that has happened… Here is an interesting topic for you.. feel free to debate, as long as you are willing to listen to other persons views and not already cast opinions on their based on your friends ideas.

Lets talk about the most taboo topic that I think there is, “Is it ok to joke about killing someone?”

Strong word

Let’s look at this in general… It doesn’t matter who says it as joke, the phrase alone is one no-one really wants to hear. Just hearing or reading the word “kill” can be considered bad enough. Its a strong word to use and shouldn’t be used lightly as it can interrupted in many different ways. Its also a strong word in any language. So why joke about it?

For some people, the word can trigger an very strong reaction. Especially people with depression and anxiety issues, it will definitely not appear as a joke to them. I for one do like the word being used as joke. You always see something in the news about a certain number of people have been killed. So its not like its an unfamiliar word to us. We might see it more often than we would like to.

But still… does it make it ok to use it in a joke?


Now, please remember this is my own opinion and I don’t want offend anyone in anyway. But as some who contemplated suicide a few times. The word brings back a lot of emotions and reminds of how I never want to feel that way again. But then I think that it might worse for other people.

There is so much we don’t know about what goes in other peoples lives. Some may have tried to commit suicide but were saved. While others may have lost a loved one to suicide. Or it could be that someone they know was killed for no reason. Where as some may have lost loved ones in a natural disaster. All of these all have something to do with the one word.

Does it still make it ok to use it in a joke?

In public

When I was growing up, my parents were sure to teach me what words were best said and what were best unsaid. And this was one of those words that shouldn’t just be thrown around. It really does mean something to people. Although the tone in which it is said varies, the meaning of the one word remains the same, “a cause of death”.

So when this word is used in public, its not something people can turn a blind eye to. “With every action, there is consequence.” With the use of this word, there will be many different reactions. As as I said before, we hear this word in the news more often that we should. So that alone can strike fear into many people. It could be heartache from already having lost a child in a school shooting. It could be the effects of being overworked and underpaid leading towards piles of debts,that it becomes too much bear and commit suicide.

Is this still making it ok to use in a joke?


Personally, since I have moved to Japan, I have become more aware of my surroundings, culture differences, and local taboos. I’m careful of what I should say and what my actions will mean to those around me. During my training here, where were told that what we say or do not only effects just us, but other foreigners. One persons actions can change the locals perceptions of other people. If 1 person from a certain group does something bad, then they connect their actions to the rest of the group. Thus they will think that everyone will do the same thing.

We all know that to judge others is a bad thing, but when someone does something bad, we are all to quick to judge, not only that person, but those around them. So if one person is seen/heard making a joke about killing someone, then other people will think those around them will joke about it as well. They don’t just ruin things for themselves, but others as well.

So is it still ok to use it as a joke?


I have probably mentioned this a fair few times already, but for people to use the word without thinking is really insensitive to others. Especially for those in countries where is a high bullying rate and a high suicidal rate. So many people in the world get bullied. Being told “to go kill yourself” or “you should die” is something most have heard during their life. They won’t see it as a joke… they will fear it. It bring back back trauma from their past. But either way, its not something they want to see.

Even now, in this modern, electronic society, it opens another can worms. Cyber bullying has been around for a while now. Making it easier to send death threats and taunt people on various platforms. And MMOs are no exception. I have encountered my fair share of horrible players. I was even told to die because I was a foreigner once. I did report the person for doing so. So even then, to see a joke about it in a chat, really did annoy me.

How about now? Is it ok to use it as a joke?

My thoughts

So I can get very defensive when I see certain comments or jokes about this word. It just sets me off. I don’t care who you are, you shouldn’t be using this word in a joke. Its disrespectful and inconsiderate to other people. Just think about what it is you are really saying. Then think about the people around you. Everyone has secrets, some darker than others. Put yourself into another persons shoes. Think about what could be going on in other peoples lives before cracking jokes.

No, its not ok to use it as a joke.

I am sure some of you are wondering why I have written this kind of post… but I just wanted to voice my thoughts on the topic. If you want to comment, please do.

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