Its so strange to think, this is the second time I have waited for early access for the new expansion in FFXIV.

Before Stormblood

KV FC in May 2017
Runa Hyun 2017/05/06 (The Hyur in the front right)

Before Stormblood was released, I had only been playing for 7 months. I hadn’t been playing for very long. But I was a member of an FC with Hardcore members who would seriously tell me off for doing something wrong. I was a player who only had two classes; White Mage and Black Mage.

White Mage was my starter class. I chose it because I usually play a magic type. I am happier casting spells than close combat. My close friend Freah who suggested we play FFXIV as it was a game we could play together was also a WHM. We thought we could play together and help other level up. Of course we didn’t know any better. Only finding out that there can be only 1 healer in low level dungeons made it hard for us to level up together.

So as soon as I got my WHM to lv60, I decided to try Black Mage. It was so much easier to level up. It took me a while to get the hang of it because the different level rotations. But it is fun to play and perfect for me. I definitely am a Caster main. I don’t think I could ever change to a different job.

In Stormblood

Clearing Susano Ex
Runa Hyun 2017/08/06 23:22:44 – Clearing Susano Ex

While levelling through Stormblood. I stuck with my BLM and was pretty good at making it through all the dungeons blindly. It made it fun to go through the new places. Everything wasn’t just new to me but to everyone else too, which made things more fun. Knowing that everyone was making mistakes and still finding their footing. I didn’t feel like the only noob in a dungeon.

As there wasn’t really any guides to help people level up, everyone just did the bonus EXP fates whenever they could. As well as making their way through the MSQ. If I remember correctly, I didn’t go to the dungeons often in my Main class. I was too focused on trying to get through the MSQs asap.

I think last time, it only took me 4 days to complete the MSQs in SB. I ignored the side quests as they can be done while levelling up my other classes. Which was a good idea, it helped a lot. Although, even now, I still have side quests left to do in some areas LOL. I just got bored of them hahaha.

I am looking forward to see what things will be like in ShB. That is one good thing, as I can compare how things were in SB to ShB.


My first blog post.

I can’t believe that has been almost 2 years since I started blogging my adventures in FFXIV. I decided to make a blog because I felt that there needed to be a voice for English speakers on Mana DC. I don’t actually know if many people read my blog, but I do know that members in my FC do sometimes.

I have been trying to post as much as I can, whenever possible. I even surprised myself by doing so. Its strange to read through old posts and still remember what happened. I will be blogging throughout ShadowBringers, so please be sure to follow this blog and my twitter account!

1st Year

Runa Hyun 2018/05/15 Lalafell Runa

Within the first year of Stormblood, there had been a lot of changes for me within the game. After making a Sub Character, Jak Hyun before the summer, it was decided that we should make our own FC. Thus InSB FC was born. Although it is a small FC, its a good chance to escape from the Main characters FC for a while and do other things… like Photo-shoots hahaha. I can honestly say, Jak wasn’t created just so I could have fun taking pictures, promise! Its just a perk haha!

Although, I went through some difficult times in the game and felt isolated with the FC, I thought that it was time for me leave KV. So many people were leaving already, I didn’t do much with the currently members because of the language barrier. Hence, I left and joined InSB, so I could be one of two active members within the FC. It was nice to speak with another English speakers. Its just that it wasn’t enough to make full parties and go to Raids together.

Also within the 1st year, I had managed to level up more of the job classes. It really was helpful to level them all up so I could change the job classes accordingly within the PT. It made a nice change to be able to play in different classes. Although tanking was daunting at first, with the help of friends, I was able to gain confidence and I was able to tank in dungeons easily. I have also tanked in Alliance raids, which was really fun LOL FOLLOW THE CUTE TANK EVERYONE!

2nd Year

Luca Tia’na 2018/09/12  – A new beginning

Actually, thinking about it, I had a tendency to change my character quiet a bit during SB. I even went as far as to change my main characters name back in September. To confuse people even more, I even changed to a Male Au’ra, the first and probably the only time I will change to a male character. I am so use to having my sub character as a male, that I will probably confuse myself if I stayed as a male character LOL.

During last summer, I remember having real trouble trying to find something to keep me motivated to stay in Belias. I was so tempted to moved to Masamune server as there would be more English players there. But there was something that kept me in Belias.

I think it was because of last summer, I met some friends and we decided to work together to go through the Alexander Savage raids together. It was fun to do it will a full party of English players, as I met more English players on Belias at a friends wedding. We got as far as A8S, which was so hard, that we couldn’t clear it. But we did well for a few weeks worth of work.

Then, in November 2018, I joined Oath. I was unsure what it would be like in an English FC, but now that Oath is slowly growing, at least we can form multiple parties with our total numbers of players. Although, the timing can be difficult at times.

Last Month of SB

2・1組の卒業式です~ 2019/06/27

Since I joined Oath, I have been fortunate to make a lot of friends with the neighbouring FC. They ask me if I want to join their PT and some of them have even helped me with clearing some of the Alpha Savage Raid as I was having trouble getting a PT that was able to clear.

FDのメンバーさん、本当にありがとうございました~ 皆さんはとても優しい、あなたは私を多く回手伝って~ 5.0であなたとインゲームしてのを楽しみにしている  5.0中もよろしくお願いします~

Since May 30th, I decided to do my own style of a countdown to ShB. I made sure to take a photo in the mist with my friends in FD FC.

I saved each photo into a moments on twitter, to help catalog the memories. It was one of my best ideas. Again, I am very sorry for the bad Japanese, as I am still studying, but I hope you understand what I was trying to say. It was such fun taking the photos and then adding a little story to them, while practicing Japanese. I tried to kill two birds with one stone, I hope I was able to achieve just that.

So Here’s to Shadow Bringers~

I am so thankful to all the friends that I have made during SB. I am sure my friends list will continue to grow. I hope we will play together in ShB too!

So here’s to another 2 years of FFXIV~~~

See you in 5.0 everyone!

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