• Clear Sigma V3S and V4S.
  • Get mounts from Delta V4S and Sigma V4S.
  • Get mounts from all three containment bays (Sephirot, Sophia and Zurvan).
  • Level up my fisher.
  • Finish levelling up my retainers.
  • Get some of the mounts from PvP.
  • Get the last three remaining mounts from Gold Saucer.
  • Collect 120 Irregular Tomestones. 

I had a busy weekend! I spent most of my time farming in PvP, and Containment Bay Extremes. However, I finally completed some of my goals. After going to Sephirot around 20 times, I got this mount first. It only took 5 runs of Sophia to get the mount. However Zurvan took the most runs of 40 runs (in sets of 5) to get the mount.

I managed to collect enough Wolf Marks for the Magitek Sky Armor mount. I am no way near close to getting achievement marks. But at least I can get some xp when I need to level up classes in ShB, so at least I have another incentive to go to PvP LOL.

I know that collecting tomes for Moogle Treasure Trove will be finishing this Thursday, So I would like to farm like crazy to try to get as many riding maps as I can. At least its easy to go to lv50 raids now, so farming there is easy. Its just I still have work this week, so that leaves me only a few hours to get as many as I can each night. But who knows, I might be lucky LOL.

I have been busy this past month, trying to post a picture everyday of activities that happen in the Mist with my friends to countdown to ShadowBringers. So please take a look, and like 😉

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