As there is only a week before the early access, there are still somethings I want to do before working on levelling up my job classes like crazy.

  • Clear Sigma V3S and V4S.
  • Get mounts from Delta V4S and Sigma V4S.
  • Get mounts from all three containment bays (Sephirot, Sophia and Zurvan).
  • Level up my fisher. But this isn’t really important as I need to be in the right frame of mind to actually fish in the game).
  • Finish levelling up my retainers. I have 3 retainers out of 10 that are not level 70… but one of them is a fisher.. so I won’t be getting her to Lv70 any time soon.
  • Get some of the mounts from PvP. Again, I won’t be getting all of the achievement mounts any time soon, but the one I can get with Wolf Marks would be great.
  • Get the last three remaining mounts from Gold Saucer.. I have yet to get Typhon (although I have enough mgp atm to get him), Sabotender Emperador (Will probably get if I am lucky with the Jumbo cactpot) and the Adamantoise… yeah I know, its the easiest one to get, which is why I am leaving it till last.

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