I know I cleared this a while and mentioned that I would like to practice it and try to get the loot.


I didn’t get the loot but I was able to practice and I feel that I am happy enough to continue to go back and aim for the mount without having to practice.

However there is only 1 thing I am still unsure about!

Its where the DPS go during GC Delta. I was told to stake with the boss, but then I get confused as to where exactly have to stand. Sometimes I am in the right place, others, I get knocked off but its not a knock back its a knock to the side.

*If anyone has any advice or any gifs that would help me, please post them!!

I am fine with all of the other mechanics. I only got caught by other players clipping me with their AoEs.


As I was going to Deltascape with Freah, we were chatting via VC. Well I say chatting, I was calling out attacks and positionals, which I hope was helping…. well it was helping me stay focused at least. Although, I confused Freah when I was dead silent instead of calling out instructions.


I am glad that now we can go farming for the mount. We still have a few weeks before ShB is released. So we can go a few times. It would be great if we can finish sigmascape before then as well. But that might mean really focusing on that more than anything.

I really would like to complete all of the Savage raids before ShB before everyone gets busy with the new expansion. It will be the first time I have completed all 12 levels of Savage raids while still at the capped level.

So fingers crossed!!


If anyone else wanta to join us or help us clear the remaining two, please let me know and/or look out for mine or Freah’s party finders and join them asap!!!

Help a little Lalafell out ( ≧∀≦)ノ

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