I have made a few posts about glamours before and I even made a guide about the different ways of how to glamour. But this time I wanna talk about glamour plates.

Glamour Dressers

This new item was introduced back in January 2018. You can only access it in an Inn or Grand Company Barracks. Within the dresser you can store up to 200 hundred items using glamour prisms. Also, you can access items from your armoire which holds selected special items.

The dresser gives you more space to store gear for any class. Once an item is stored, you can then edit a glamour plate. At the moment there is only 10 glamour plate slots, but I believe it will increase in Shadow Bringers.

Glamour Plates

While you are using the glamour dresser, you are able to choose items for your glamour and dye them as well. If you use the same item on different plates, the dye will only apply to the plate you selected.

Plate Pro’s

Apart from being able to have different dyed items on different plates, there are a few more good points.

  • Glamours for different classes.

When this system came out, I thought that it was not much different from the old system as in it could only be applied to job gear but not to the individual classes. So I didn’t see the point of using it until I noticed that wasn’t the case…..

  • Can be applied via a macro.

You can create a macro that applies the glamour plate to a certain gear set.

/micon [Gear set number] gearset
/gearset change [Gear set number] [Glamour plate number]

So now you can easily apply a glamour to a specific job class.

  • Doesn’t use glamour prisms each time it is applied.

This saves so much time trying to make the prisms for you to set a glamour eat time. Now, the only time you need to use a prism is to store the item in the dresser. You won’t get the prism back if you decide to restore the item.

  • Easier to change between the different plates.

As well as using macros, you can also access the plates via the Character menu. Its useful if you want to use a glamour that you haven’t set using a macro.

Plate Con’s

Now there may not be many con’s but…

  • Dresser is only accessible in an Inn and Barracks.

Personally, it is a little annoying to have to go to an Inn or Barracks just to edit a glamour plate. I guess it is a good way for people to keep going back to the inn for a reason other than gaining more resting XP. But it would be great if you can have it in an FC house. I am not saying in a private residents, but if its possible to restrict it to FC houses that would be a great touch.

  • Glamour messages

If you have a message tone set to your general chat, then you will hate setting a glamour plate as there is no way to turn off glamour messages. Unless I just haven’t found it yet.

Old versions

Since ARR, glamouring has come a long way. Most have no idea of the struggles trying to glamour your gear!

Crafter Prisms

Back in ARR and HW we have the trouble if needing different prisms for each type of gear crafter to apply the glamour. It took up a lot of inventory space as each different prism was needed to complete the glamour set. It also meant that players had to have a crafter to a certain level so they could complete the side quest of Glamouring. It was only then were players able to venture into this mysterious side of the game.

Glamour Prism

When Stormblood was released, they decide to get merge all of the glamour prisms into one which what we have now the “Glamour Prism”. Before the Dresser, Players still had apply a glamour to each item of gear to complete the look. This isn’t so bad if you don’t change your glamours often. It just meant that connected job gear all had the same glamour. The only difference would be the weapons.

Shadow Bringers

I really can’t wait for the increase of items held within the dresser because currently, I have 3 retainers who are all holding gear items for me. If I can at least clear 1 of these retainers, I can make way for more gathered items to be stored and ready to be used.

In addition, I am sure that as it is easier to change the glamours for different classes, I will probably be changing my glamour sets more often. Although I am intrigued as to how they will develop glamouring even more. I really looking to see what will change and how it will all work out.


I know for some, glamour is the #trueendgame when you don’t have collecting/farming to do. Yet, if you are ever in need of glamouring inspiration, there are few sites you can browse through. I personally think the best site that is constantly being up-dated with members submitting their glamours is Eorzea Collection. You might recognize a certain Lalafell’s account… hehehe

I know that it took me a while to work out how to use the Dresser and the glamour plates. But if you have any questions or need advice on something, please feel free to leave a comment.

I hope you enjoy glamouring in 5.0! See ya~

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