Hello all~

With the release of  Shadow Bringers vast approaching, its time to start preparing for what is about to come.

What is a Static group?

For those who may not know, a Static group is a group of players, with different job classes, who work together to clear a raid or trial on both Normal and Savage/Extreme levels. This will help with waiting times for high level content and you can become familiar with the other player’s playing styles. Also, it will help a great deal with the progression through a raid, as you have worked together to get to a certain point and will not be held back by a random player who has joined the wrong Party Finder.


  • Level 70 – Players must have 1 or more job classes to level 70. This will help with going to new content without having to wait for a sprout player to level up.
  • Languages – I am a Native English speaker but I can also speak Japanese. So I am open to anyone who can speak both languages.
  • Mana DC – Players must be on the Mana DC. It is open to anyone on different servers, at least we are not able to jump to different worlds to help with meeting players on different servers.
  • CWLS – This is optional. But it would be helpful to those who are playing on a PS4, if there is a CWLS for the static group while logged in.
  • Discord – I do currently have a Discord Server, which can also be used for group members. It would be helpful if we were able to communicate easily during the runs. You don’t have to talk to if you don’t want to, as there is an option to mute your microphone. So you can at least listen to what people are saying.
  • Previous Savage Experience – If you have cleared any of the previous or current savage content, this will help a great deal when aiming to clear future savage content.
  • Not Currently in an Static Group – To help prevent problems with arranging times, I am looking for players who are not currently a member of a Static group.
  • Times – This can discussed more when we have a full group. But Ideally, I am looking for players are willing to play between 7 – 9pm (possibly 10pm) JST on week days. If you wish to state which day is better for you then we can arrange times that will be better for everyone. Then between 7 – 11pm on Saturdays. If players wish to practice more on the weekend during the day, I am up for that as well.

Group Classes

I am looking for players who are willing to fill in the required job class slots;

  • Main Tank –
  • Sub Tank –
  • Healer 1 – Freah Ufufy [WHM]
  • Healer 2 –
  • DPS 1 (Melee) –
  • DPS 2 (Melee) –
  • DPS 3 (Ranged) –
  • DPS 4 (Caster) – Luca Tia’na [RDM]

Old or Current Content

If group members have yet to clear any old content, I am more than happy to work through old content while we are waiting for new content. Then we can get to spend time playing together before new content is released.

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