It finally happened after starting Savage raiding over a year ago. I finally decided to try to complete Deltascape Savage.I haven’t been back to Deltascape 1~2S since I cleared them around 1 year ago. I have been wanting to clear them for a while.

Clearing V3 and V4 Savage

I know this took me a long time to get round to actually clearing the last two levels of Deltascape, but I finally did it. I was really surprised at how quick everything was compared when I was trying to clear them. Especially V3, I remember finding it a little difficult last time I went. The Library phase was the hardest and one I wasn’t able to do well in. However this time, it felt a lot easier.

On the other hand, I felt so bad for going into V4 with no experience at all. At least you can still make practice parties for everywhere. I would hate to only have the option of joining a PT that has already many times and I am holding them back. Saying that, thats how it felt last night when I made a Practice PT for O4S. I kept dying because I made mistakes with the knock-backs. So I feel like I should back and learn what to do properly. I felt like just when I was happy to be standing in the right place for an attack, its next mechanic that would throw me off 😦


I was very lucky with finding people who are willing to join my PT to help me practice. Even though the practise sessions ended up being clears, I am still grateful to everyone who joined. I will do my best to practise and hope that I will continue to find very supportive PT members.

Even more so, is that a friend searched for an English macro for me to read, it was soooo kind of them to do so. It kind of helped as the names for the attacks are different in English compared to Japanese.


At least I have a reason to practise going to Delta V4S, I need the loot! I really would like the mount. My friend, who joined me for both levels, was also unlucky and didn’t get the mount. So at least we can now farm for loot. I do need to check what the weapons look like. I might as well use then for glamours. I honestly don’t know how lucky I will be to farm for the mount, but considering that a lot of people have already cleared Delta V4S, that leaves only a few people to fight over the mount.

Soloing Savage

Back in January, I wrote the post Savage Raiding where I talked about why I want to do Savage.

Now, recently, I have either been to Savage on my own via Duty Finder or with 2 or 3 friends. I haven’t been with a full party at all. So at least I have been able to go whenever I can. Its just that I have to wait a long time for it to actually pop, but most of the time, I don’t mind waiting.

When it comes to finding PTs that actually clear and don’t confuse the hell out of players because they do things differently than everyone else, its one of the hardest things to find.

Static Party

Since I cleared all of Alpha Savage, I have wondered what it would be like to join a Static group for 5.0. But I am hesitant about it. I know that there are many casters at the moment. However, come 5.0, I am sure there will be more Dancers or Gunbreakers. So maybe the number of Red Mages will decrease, then more spots for me will open up. Clearly this is just my speculation, but its a nice idea haha.

The major downside is finding a static group that will welcome an English speaker. Even though I can understand Japanese, I don’t know how welcoming/open they will be about having me in their group.

There is always making my own Static group, but I wonder how many people I can find…..

High-end Content

The reason for all of this, is because I would like to try going to the unending Coil of Behemot and Ultimate at some point. I know I have about 1 month left until Shadow Bringers is released. So I will have to figure out what to do soon.

I know there are people in my FC who are already in Static groups or there are people who haven’t unlocked or cleared as much as I have. So its a tough decision.

I tried to make a static group to work through Alex Savage, but after a while they started to drift off and we only clesred the first 7 levels together. We got stuck on the 8th. I qas able to clear the 12th floor with my friends from the Neighbouring FC, we also went back to farm for the mount.

Either way, no matter what I do end up doing, I know I will try to clear the Savage when it is released. Thats my plan anyway hahaha

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