Now this may seem like a strange post, so sorry in advance!!

I am sure most people are busy, going out and enjoying whatever it is you want to do during GW. While I have probably spent most the past few days waiting for duties to pop-up. I know thats its nothing new and it happens most of the time in FFXIV. While some maybe craft or hunt mobs or even gather while waiting. I tend to watch dramas on Netflix and keep myself entertained that way. I love watching movies and dramas. So its perfect.


If there is one subject that I am trying to avoid. Its romance! Now don’t get wrong, I do love the odd romance movies etc. Its just not right now. I thought watching Full House would just be a family show etc, not that I really knew what to expect. But as soon romance started blooming…. my mood suddenly changed. Then all the talk about being engaged and planning a wedding, brought back painful memories I thought I had forgotten. It was that bitter reminder that I was once engaged over 7 years ago… I had started to plan a wedding, asked my best friend at the time to be my maid of honour. Yet, it didn’t work out.

Here I am in this amazing country and yup, single in my 30s, its not really what I had in mind…. but I guess I am just a little down with how somethings in my life have turned out. And as much as I try to avoid all this romance stuff… Its constantly in my face. ( ´△`) Yet, I don’t really know what to do about. Introvert problems!

Oh well, if anyone knows of dramas or movies to help me avoid all this romance crap, please tell me!!!!

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