As of yesterday, I have officially cleared all of Alphascape Savage!!!!!

I cleared with a fellow FC member, Cris. It took us two visits to clear. But the group that helped us clear were very kind. They very kindly pointed out my mistake and the next time we did it, I didn’t make any mistakes and we were able to continue and DPS the boss down. It was a little surprising that Hello World 2 was the last new mechanic, everything after that was a mechanic I had already seen.

~Thank you~

I want to say a very big thank you to every one who has helped me clear Alpha Savage!

  • To Zeno, who actually joined me to clear O9S.
  • To Derex, who helped me through O10S and O11S.
  • To members of FD who helped me finally clear levels I was having trouble clearing due to bad PTs. And a special thank you Kiwa-san and Arles-san who joined my practice PTs when they could.
  • To Key and Cris, they both joined my PTs for O12S and helped me via VC. I would have been very lost without your support.
  • To Carby, Lynn and Isala (I am sorry if I forgot people). You were all amazingly helpful over VC.


I have to say, O12S is not as hard as I thought it would be. Its nothing compared to the trouble I was having with O11S and even O10S. For O12S there were fewer mechanics that were causing me trouble.

The only difficult O12S mechanic for me, was Hello World 2. Ok, Hello World 1 was confusing at first. Trying to remember where to stand depending on which debuff you have. It was confusing. But I translated the macro and managed to understand a little bit more.

However, I needed more of a visual aid, so I made tables of where each person should stand. It definitely helped.

*I did originally post small images but after realising they had no watermark, I removed them to help protect the work.*

But I have never been so proud of myself being able to clear all 4 levels. I even had to prove to myself that clearing wasn’t just a fluke, so I went back soon after and got the mount. I just need to get the weapon >.<


My next after I collected all the gear I can get, I want to complete Deltacape Savage and try to do Sigma, as well. If I can make a static group to work through it, that would be amazing. Freah is also interested in completing Deltascape, so it thats two spaces filled (1 WHM and 1 RDM), If you are interested, let me know~

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