If there is one thing I want to, its to actually clear Alphascape V4S. I am so close and I have finally managed to get the hang of most of the mechanics.

I think this has been the hardest one for me to clear because I am sure not many people want to join an English speakers party. This has been putting me down a lot recently. Feeling a little discriminated even though J out that I can speak Japanese….

To give you an idea, this Saturday, I made a PT and I waited almost 3 hours, I even changed the average il down to 390 from 395 as someone said Tanks are unlikely to have il395 gear. As it always seems difficult to get Tanks. At most, I get three people who enter my PT and thats it. I usually get healers and some DPS.

I would love to clear it soon. Its just that I don’t get the timing right of most of the mechanics. I spent one night translating the macro into English and didn’t understand what most of it was until it finally clicked this weekend.

It took me a few runs to realise that the mechanic indicators are the bosses arms, I didn’t notice until I altered the camera angle to 90 lol. Lalafell problems LOL!

Also, I got really confused during Delta Attack and got annoyed why I kept dying to bad timing. But I finally realised the macro had assigned positions and I survived after I figured it out.

My only problem now is the Hello World 2 Mechanic. I spent a lot of time studying a video a friend linked me to:

Its the timing that is throwing me off. At least I have most of it all down. I just hope I can find a good practice PT.

I would also like to say a massive thank you to Key-san who has been very helpful and sometimes takes me to practice. He even invites his friend and we talk over VC, which has helped a great deal!!

Fingers crossed I can clear soon and start farming for as much gear as I can!

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