I know it has been a week or so since the festival, but I finally remembered to make a post about it.


Now for those who didn’t know, the tickets for Tokyo’s Fan Fes used a lottery system. You were only allowed to get two tickets per person. There were only around 1k people were allowed to get tickets. So if you weren’t able to get them, then you weren’t going. My friend Freah and I both entered for two tickets, to increase our chances of getting tickets, if one didn’t get them, then hopefully the other would. However, to our surprise, we both got two tickets. So Freah looked on twitter to see if any of our on-line friends who tried to get tickets, but didn’t. If we could find two people to use the other tickets then it would help us and give them a chance to go. We were able to find two friends who wanted to go. They were so happy to be offered the tickets and accepted! So that’s the tickets sorted.

pre-Order Fan Fes Goods

A few months before the event, you were able to pre-order goods. I admit to buying most of the items available. I tend to go a little crazy when it comes to buying goods for special events, as I know it will be hard to get them afterwards. The one thing that I wasn’t certain about buying was the Ultima figure as I wanted to see what it was like in person instead of ordering online first. I just regret not actually buying at the event either because its not on the Square Enix store yet.

~At The Festival~

Over the two days, there was a lot of things to do and try. Now, I don’t know how it was set up at the other festivals, but I love how the main stage was in the middle, so if you were waiting in line for something, you could see the stage or screens that were posted around the venue.


One thing is for sure, it helps if you have friends who you can play with some of the trials. Especially for the Yojimbo trial, four us had to join another group of four to make a full party and it kind of sucked that we only got one go at it. If we wiped, that was it, we were told to leave. It would have been nice to try it again, but finding 4 other friends to join our group of 4 didn’t really work out.

The only downside to playing the trials at Fan Fes, was that we had only 5 minutes to arrange the hotbars and everything is in Japanese, so I had to hope I did every thing, but I did make a few mistakes or miss some skills off the hotbar.

The other Full party trial you could do was the “Four Lords trial”, which was a roulette of Byakko, Suzaku and Seiryu normal or extreme.

As you can see we were lucky enough to get Seiryu Normal, although I would have preferred to extreme because I play it more (farming for the mount lol). But it was fun to play with friends and I arranged my hotbars better this time.

Luckily we were able to complete it and we got our stickers.


There was another light part trial, which was a speed run of a dungeon, but I never got to play that:/ It would have been to give it a try.


For those who follow my twitter, you will see that I go to the Eorzea cafe a lot and collect the coasters. I was so glad that they were having a pop-up cafe at the Fan Fes, with the bonus of special new casters. I was able to only get four new coasters, but still, its more to add to collection.

And of course, I bought caramel pop-corn! The drink was lovely, I should have gone back to buy another one lol (to get another coaster lol).

LIVE performances

It wouldn’t be fair of FFXIV, if they didn’t have any special performances of the amazing music! it was awesome to hear and see my favourite tracks being played in front of my very eyes. Of course, I was kind of singing/miming along.

It was great to sit and relax during the piano collections special LIVE. It made me wish I had bought a keyboard, so I can practice the piano at home again… who knows, maybe I might do sometime.

I really enjoyed the piano LIVE, I bought the Album CD the next day haha.

On the last day, watching the Primals LIVE was probably the highlight of the entire fan fes. Not only was it great to see everyone waving their light sticks, but to listen to so many people sing, including Yoshida!!! The atmosphere was great and of course, as the songs are mostly in English, I was able to sing along hehe


As it was my first ever Fan Fes, I really enjoyed being able to experience it for the first time. It was a shame that there wasn’t really many areas where you sit down comfortably. But at least the lines for some of the activities were short, we didn’t have to wait long. It would have been nice to have more food options available and for them not to sell out around midday, but I don’t think that was something they could control during a busy time.

It was also the perfect opportunity for me to meet my in-game friends in RL. Although I was really nervous to speak Japanese with them but they were very kind. It would be nice to meet them again soon.

Overall, I thought the fan fes was fantastic and worth the money to be able to go. I am looking forward to the next Fan Fes, which will possibly be at Tokyo Dome… I promise next time, to check that the goods are available on-line before deciding not to buy them at the Fan fes, so I am able to get everything I want LOL.

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