So after so many practice parties and the long waits for people to join my PF… I am happy to announce… *clears throat* …..


Oh yes people!!!! I did it!!! Had an amazing and supportive PT who let us keep trying rather that give up after 15 minutes. I think there was a few people who needed to clear because we got 1 treasure coffer, woohooo! But I got nothing, boooo! I am so happy to finally clear it. It really cheered me up! knowing that I was able to actually clear it.

However, the progression up to actually clearing it has been a long and gruesome one. I cleared O10S back in December and since then have been making so many parties to help practice certain mechanics. At least it has helped improve my Japanese and I hope I was able to be understood clearly. Although there were many times where I doubted myself because so many times where there was a PT where we didn’t even make it past the Level checker.

Anyway, now that is out of the way, its onto the final level, which I hope to clear before the next expansion pack. But see as it only took like 2 months to clear O11S, I should be able to clear O12S in 2 or 3 months LOL

Wish me luck!

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