Once you have levelled to 70 (maybe you have every job class capped) there are a few options for you to choose from. Its up to you if you decide if you are going to try going down one path or the other. For example; will you focus on clearing Savage? will you focus on a relic weapon? or will you focus on 24-man raid.

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Tomestone Collecting
Omega Normal
Alliance Raids
Omega Savage

Tomestone Collecting

Allagan TomestonesFor those who may not have enough time but still wish to get high level gear. The easier option would be to farm for the highest level of Tomestone that is currently available. At the moment, this is Genesis. Although it is currently capped to 450 per week, you should be able to collect enough if you either complete the journal “Wondrous Tails”, this will help with incentive to go to random places to try to get bingo and get prizes.

The best way for people to farm for Genesis would be to complete all of the Duty Roulettes. These are available daily and give you bonus rewards of either seals,  Mendacity and Genesis. There is also an added bonus for those who go as a class that is “in need (##)”, the bonus is usually machi matter or cracked clusters, these can be exchanged for materia to meld to your gear. So its always good to remember to do roulettes, even if its just to collect the bonus loot items.

Omega Normal


You choose to only clear on Normal level. It might have its limitations on gears item level, but its the easiest to do. It only requires a full party and there is no need to worry about dying within the raid. You just have to be really nice support your healer while DPS’ing the boss down. The fights are generally short in comparison to other places. There is usually only a Boss with a few adds to worry about. The fight is also split into a few phases to help you deal with the main mechanics. These are usually not that difficult to get the hang of and create a firm base for those who want to try savage. Once you have completed a raid, you are then able to get loot of certain items which can be exchanged for gear with an NPC in Rhalgr’s Reach. When a series of the raid is released, there is a limitation on how many loot items you can collect each week. However, that will be lifted when there is a new series or when there is a new patch. Thus making it easier to collect and increase your gear item level.


Omega is split into 3 series of raids: Deltascape V1-4, Sigmascape V1-4 and Alphascape V1-4. To English players, they often refer the raids a O1-12N.

O =Omega
1-12 = the level of the raid (This connects all of the series together, so Deltascape is 1-4, sigmascape is 5-8 and Alphascape is 9-12)
N= Normal level, this to help shows the challenge level of the raid.


When you have completed any level, you find two treasure coffers with certain items inside. There will be bolts, pedals, chains, lens, springs and shafts. If you collect enough of each item, you can exchange them for gear. However, you can only get certain pieces of loot depending on which level of the series you go to. If you go to 1st levels, you will get pieces used for jewellery. If you go to 2nd and 3rd levels, you will get pieces for head, hands, and feet. then if you go to 3rd and 4th levels, you will get pieces for Body and legs. Only when you complete the 4th level will you get a special item loot piece, which will be needed to collect to help items towards getting a weapon. For Omega, you will to collect a tomestone and  10 tokens of Mendacity.

Alliance Raids

Alliance raids are a 24-man raid, meaning that 3 full parties, will work together to defeat a series of bosses, usually 6 or 7 in total. As far as hierarchy of the alliances, B is usually the main alliance. So if you are the Tank for Alliance B, you are the MT and the two tanks in Alliance A and C are the ST. There will be some mechanics that require a certain alliance to do something during a fight, but it shouldn’t be that difficult to understand. Most of the time, there will be mentors in the PT who will help guide you where to go. But if in doubt, just follow your alliance members. Then you will go wrong and not make you feel like an idiot for getting it wrong on your own.


If you wish to collect a different style of gear. Then the Alliance raids have 3 different options for you. Each alliance raid has their own gear at different levels. However, because there are only a few treasure coffers throughout the raid, managing to get the piece of gear you want is a rare thing. For example, two weeks ago, I went to Orbonne 8 times within two evenings to get the healer body gear I wanted to help bring the overall item level to 390. It also made things worse as there is a currently a weekly restriction on getting loot, 1 item per week. So I was sure to pass on everything that was the item I wanted. I was so happy when I finally got it and it finally meant I could stop going to the dungeon for that week.

In addition, each raid has it own special reward coin. These can be collected and used to be exchanged for special items to help augment certain gear. Currently, the coins are used to exchanged items to augment gear Scaevan gear.



Within Eureka, there a different levelling system, Elemental Level or EL, which similar to the main levelling system. You are able to make a Party within Eureka, which most will make before starting a fate so players can get better bonuses. Or they will make a party so you can level up together, and again, get more exp bonuses.


There are 4 stages to Eureka: Anemos, Pagos, Pyros and Hydatos. You have to had reached the level cap for each stage before you can progress to the next. The stages are special areas where you can explores maps, kill mobs and participate in fates. It also has its own challenge log to help give you a levelling boost.


This is more if you want to up-grade your job class gear and weapons. This maybe the most gruelling way to up-grade, but I think its an option most take if they don’t want to do Savage. When you have participated in a fate, you will receive a number of Locked boxes (similar to those you find in a Diadem), and some crystals. These crystals vary depending on which stage you are in. They are required to help you up-grade your gear and weapons.

As for special gear, you are able to get the next relic weapon which can only be done through levelling up in Eureka. To me, I wish that hadn’t connected the two because the levelling in Eureka is horrible and I get really bored in there easily. You spend most of your time waiting for fates and then having to travel to the fate if its not close by. It just seems like a horrible system for something they want to do do obtain a  relic weapon. Now I liked the Anima Weapon levelling. It involved going to extreme trials and helped to get use to Higher level content. With Eureka… it just feels like a pain to me. I am only in the second stage, Pagos and I can only manage an hour there. I would rather spend my time trying to practice Savage than going there. This is just my personal opinion as a Savage player. I am sorry if I offend anyone.

Omega Savage

Luca Tia'na 2019/01/23 23:44:58

For those who are looking for something more challenging, then there is the Savage level. This requires a high understanding of : in-game mechanics, job class skills and movement precision.This also aimed at more hard core players who will spend most of their time practising to clear each level. Similar to Normal, you will receive loot after clearing. However, if you are trying to clear the current series, there is loot restrictions for a period of time. Also, you will have to clear each level before moving onto the next. As once a level is completed, it will unlock the next. This means that if you are currently trying to clear O11S (like I am right now), after the weekly reset, I have to clear O9S and O10S before I unlock O11S to practice.


There is one thing to be aware of before you decide to tackle any current savage levels, There maybe times where you might encounter some unpleasant players. However, that depends on the server and data-centre you are on. Personally, I haven’t received any hate from players, but I have gotten annoyed at other players who hinder the party’s progression in the level.

When to comes to Savage raiding, although during the practice, you can be certain that you will even counter a lot of wipes within the time limit. The main reason it is savage, is because the requirement for a successful clear is that no-one dies. As soon as one person dies, you will find a lot of people will die shortly after because of the mechanics. This is purely because each main mechanic requires everyone to be alive to help take the hit. If one person isn’t in the right place at the right time, then you have failed the mechanic, everyone starts to die and you have to start over.  You may find that once you have joined a PT and you may notice that one or people keep dying in the same place, you won’t be progressing much further because that is as far as they gotten. I have been very specific in my comment for the PF, saying which mechanic I am working, so other people who join will know where I am up to and which bit I need to work on. However, there are more than enough times, where people don’t seem to care, and will join anyway, thus hindering the party progression.

Also, it will take up a lot of your time. Especially as not only do most practice parties stay for the whole time duration, but you have to take into the waiting time to form a party. This can be hit and miss depending on the time of day. When I make a PF, sometimes I have waited an hour for my PT to fill, while other times, it took less then 25 minutes. Due to their only be a certain number of people who are still trying to clear the current set of Savage levels. If you are lucky enough to go with people you know and have already cleared to help you practice, the faster and easier it will be to clear. I sadly don’t know that many people to practice with. But I have some very kind friends who have gotten a PT together to help me clear if I have been having trouble finding a clearing PT.

I also mentioned before in my “Savage Raiding” post, but there is a great sense of achievement once you have first cleared a savage raid. So I personally think it is worth doing. But it depends solely on the player.


The difference between Savage loot, is that you will get a Datalog for clear each level, instead of bolts, pedals, lens, chains, springs and shafts. Its just that the same concept as normal. In addition to Datalogs, you will get gear from two treasure coffers if everyone hasn’t cleared the level for the current week.  So be sure to clear soon after reset so you are more than likely to clear for the week and get the loot.


When you have all of your job classes to level 70, you have now reached the true end game! GLAMOURING! There may come a time, when you look at your current gear and think to yourself “I fancy a change of clothes!”. There are now two ways for you to do this.

Glamour Dresser

glamour dresser

You can find a dresser in a room at an Inn or at the Grand Company barracks. Using a glamour prism, you can put collected gear items into the dresser. Then you are able to make glamour plates using gear from within the dresser and your armoire. I believe that many people have made a macro for changing each class, so they have different outfits, but I am not sure about that. You will not need to use a glamour prism once you have put the item into the dresser. You only need to activate the glamour plate via the Character window.

The only downside to the glamour dresser is that it has a limit of 200 items in total. For some people, that might seem a lot, but for someone like who has managed to fill not only the dresser, but have 2-3 retainers with inventories full of gear… You can see why it could be a downside.

Inventories and saddlebag

Luca Tia'na 2019/02/24 17:03:31

There are many other options to storing gear. As I mentioned above, I have a lot of gear stored, purely because I like to keep things ready to use again. Especially if its bought gear from the Mog Station and it won’t go into the armoire or if its level 1 gear that I have collected over a long period of time, I have also kept some of the lv 60 gear and lv 70  job class gear just in case I need them for glamouring purposes.

Compared to the glamour dresser, when you wish to glamour something, you need have a glamour prism to be able to cast it. This is the old way of doing it, and as I have been playing this game for a while, I am more use to doing it this way.  However, it does mean that I have spend a a fair amount of time equipping many different items before actually casting the glamour.  You may think this a long way to go about it. But I don’t see it that why. It saves me from having to go to the Barracks or an Inn to change the glamour. I only need to go a summoning bell and retrieve the gear from the retainer.


It doesn’t really matter what you choose to do once you completed the MSQ’s, You just need to find what really works best for you. I personally think that there are two different kinds of players currently in FFXIV, those who Savage and those who don’t. There is always plenty to do within the game, so don’t feel pressured into doing something you don’t want to do. After all, this is game that you should enjoy, instead of being something you feel compelled to do because other people are doing it.

Anyway, I need to stop before I start writing even more.

Thanks for reading~

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