For those who follow my twitter account, you will notice that I have been having some trouble with O11S (it seems to be the norm with all of Alpha Savage so far). Yet recently it seems to be whenever I want to clear, its when crap seems to happen.


I have been practising O11S for over a few months now. It has taken me a while to get use to the mechanics but practice makes perfect, right?! Well you would think practice make perfect. But I admit to making a few mistakes here and there. I am sure to apologise for making a mistake though.

It really has been a struggle to get use to the mechanics but most say that the 3rd level is usually the hardest… so I guess I should be proud with how far I have come. Its just that is hard to be proud when most of the time, there have been parties where very little progress have been made. I tend to read the comments on PFs very closely as I feel I need to be more careful when it comes to joining other players parties. That’s why I like to make my own parties, also, it means I don’t have to fight for the caster slot.


Now with O11S, there seems to be one mechanic that most stumble on, and I include myself in this as well, but its the Magnet mechanic. It can get very confusing with trying to find the partner who you are tethered to and then you have to look to see if you are the same or different, so you can move to the according position. Its very easy to get mixed up when people either stand too close together or just make the simple mistake of think they were the same, when they were different. I personally seem to have a jumping contest just to see if I can figure out who I am connected to before racing to the position I need to be in.

Just when I thought the toughest mechanic down, there was more…. I am not just there was 1 specific mechanic that is challenging, but there is a few. But there is one which has two variations, I am sure those who have completed it will know which one I am talking about. In Japanese its パンクラ, English its Pantokrator. This mechanic is like mayhem when people don’t move together and focus on trying to keep themselves alive. But I was confused at first as to which way I should be moving. But once I finally got the hang of it… There is another version. A more chaotic version and a deadlier version. I have tried and tried to practice this but most parties have struggled with the Magnet mechanic that we haven’t be able to reach the second version.

Last Phase

The last phase, Phase 4 has been the most difficult phase to practice because, as I said about, people get stuck in earlier phases. Its just that last phase not only consists of the Pantokrator, but there is also Wave Canons.. This is complete and utter chaos if you have died in the Pantokrator, because the stack markers, needs everyone to be alive. I have been able to survive the Panto a few times before tackling the Wave Canons.

I personally find it easier to remember things if I make notes before trying to go places and I have read over the last phase so many times. This of course, is only the theory of the raid, putting it into practice is another thing. Yet, when I successfully survive both the Panto and Wave canons, I get caught off guard by the next lar and Star turns the boss did  when we all moved back to the corner to avoid a dropped bomb AoE.

Clearing Party

Due to constantly trying and trying to find a decent party, it has made it a lot harder to find a party which can me practice and see Enrage more than once. I had one amazing party that helped me see enrage for the first time. We were doing one amazing run after a few obstacles. I even apologised for dying twice, and grovelled to show that I knew I was the one who made the mistake. But they didn’t mind. They were amazing, but it seemed like a one off (T___T).

I have tried to make a Duty complete party so I am able to get towards enrage better. its just on Sunday, there was a certain player that was hindering our progression. It was also one player that caused me problems when trying clear O10S. I know that making a clearing purpose party is one that others might see as an easy way to get through it without knowing the mechanics. But if you are someone like this, don’t bother. You are wasting other people’s time and I hope to reflect on your actions. This player didn’t seem to say that they didn’t know the mechanics, and never apologised for making mistakes. It made things worse when they were messing up the simplest mechanic and never said sorry about it. I have blacklisted that player and hope they don’t try to join my party in the future.


Overall, I feel that trying making a PT to help clear one savage raid is very tiring. I know I shouldn’t complain as someone who has actually not cleared it yet. But as much as I try to be understanding others. Its just annoying when you a join a PT which says they want to practice from Panto1 or 2 but you fail to get that far because of someone who fails to read the comment.

Not only do they hinder and become a real inconvenience, but they don’t understand all the other implications they cause. I know this is of maybe a little importance to some, but as someone who doesn’t have much gil and who has yet to unlock folklore deposits, I have to buy my potions and food from the MB. Ok, so I am helping other get gil in the process. But I feel like I have constantly wasted my potions during the important stages of the fight because we have soon after wiped. I don’t know if many other people use potions when still practising, its just that I feel I should use any boost I can to make up for not clearing the fight. I know its stupid, but still, I would rather do the best I could than half-assed my through while hoping the party can carry me through.

I was so annoyed over the weekend that I wasn’t able to clear it. That I wonder if its worth giving up… I have been practising at the weekends as much as I can (while trying my best to wait for people to join the PT) and fit in around other things. I also know that many players are busy with other focal points in the game. Especially recently with the preparations for the new patch which is released today. I don’t want to bug people to help me. I will very happily help other people if they ask, I am just not very good at asking for help myself (>.<).

So, I will have to maybe take a step back from Savage, try to do other things in the mean time until I am able to work something out. I know I still have a few months left before Shadow Bringers, which is my time limit I have set myself to clear all 4 levels of Alphascape, its just if I will be able to reach said goal.


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