2nd Anniversary


Runa Hyun 2018/01/29 18:50:37

Runa and Freah: Spectacles pose (29th Jan. 2018)

Last year – 2018

Apart from the obvious character changes that I made within the past year. There have been many other changes within the game that have happened over the course of the year.

Here is a rough time line of events over 2018:

InSB House B InSB: The FC was created (February)
Eorzea-map Relocation: Thinking of moving to a different server (May)
Dc6lgweVQAIOeWR Some Changes: I destroyed Runa’s house, Runa changed to Lalafell (May)
Runa's Cottage Housing: Runa has a new house in the Mist (July)
img_-2py80s633231039962576181.jpg It’s time to make a change: Say Hello to Luca Tia’na (September)
DtGGfN4VsAAv0d3 新しい FC: Luca joined Oath FC (November)

Free Company

It might seem strange to some people as to why someone would join an FC for a short period of time. But there was a good reason why I left InSB. Being left in an FC on your own really makes you think about a lot of things. I was trying to keep myself busy and doing Alpha Savage was a good way to go as I could collect gear etc.

After a while, my friend Derex offered to help me with Savage and then I was thinking about joining her FC as it is for English speakers and people are very active. It just seemed like the move forward. I have really enjoyed being in Oath and I hope to for a long time.


I do realise that while playing an MMO there will be waves of people coming and going. Since I left KV, I gradually stopped talking to the friends I made there because they were focused on other things. I do interact with them if I see them when passing by, but there isn’t much conversation. I do miss talking to them but I know they are busy and most of the time, so am I with Savage practice parties etc.

Since joining Oath, I have been able to make many other new friends with the neighbouring FC who are very friendly. I have been to many places with them and they have helped me clear O10S after I made so many PF to clear but wasn’t successful. So its nice to go places with other players and clear new content. Recently, I have been to Alexander Savage with them to help their members get the mount. It took a while to work out what to do, but it was fun.

Luca Tia'na 2019/01/28 21:13:14


As we still have a while before the new expansion. I hope to finish clearing Alpha Savage, just for a personal achievement. I would also like to finish levelling up my last class, Fisher, to level 70. But that seems to be progressing slowly,.. we shall see LOL.

Otherwise, I hope to continue to enjoy playing FFXIV for a long time to come. I may have days where I don’t much within the game. But I haven’t really lost interest in it yet. Perhaps being a member of an active FC has really helped.

So here is to another year~!!!

Runa Hyun 2017/01/23 21:53:53

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