This is something I want to share because I spoke about it with Derex (FC Master) recently. It was an interesting conversation and I want to share it with you all.


During the past two years of playing the game, the first series of Savage content I started to work on was Deltascape about a year ago. I went with the FC I was with at the time. I was happy they wanted to take me and I was able to clear 1 and 2. I had started to work on 3 but they got busy with other things. I was a little sad I never got to clear it. But that’s why I never tried to clear Sigma because I wasn’t able to go with players I knew.

In addition, I felt kind of pushed aside because of the language barrier. I had to wait till Freah had cleared, so she could tell me what to do. But that didn’t help because she was a healer and I’m a DPS. So the only way I could clear is by writing notes for all the new extreme and Savage content. I still continue to write notes now.

Alexander Savage

Before summer last year, a friend wanted to create a group to work on clearing savage content. We started on Alex first as we are 10 levels higher. We were doing well, we managed to get to the 8th level. But then after summer vacation, everyone was busy doing other things. In addition, we were stuck in trying to clear Alex8S. We just weren’t able to do enough DPS.

However, I would very much love to get back into doing it again soon. Just to be able to complete one full set of Savage raids. I am definitely going to clear them all. In Oath, we almost have enough players to make a full undersized party.


When this first came out back in 2016 in Stormblood, I never really thought about trying Savage. As I said above in History, KV took me to the first few levels. I never really thought that I was good enough to try to clear the Omega savage. So I never really tried.

Yet after going through Alex Savage, it gave me a big boost to try to challenge Alpha, which was the most recent content. I had a friend who would join me for Alpha 1S, so that helped. It took me a while to clear it but the feeling I got when I cleared it was a very proud moment.


There are so many reasons to explain why I am working clearing the Alphascape Savage raids. Apart from the obvious of the getting the gear and collecting the Datalogs, and getting the mount after I clear Alpha v4 Savage. There are deeper reasons for me personally to clear them.

Reason 1: confidence

Nothing gives you a confidence boost like completing a Savage raid on your own. After all the practice parties, getting that final clear is an amazing feeling. It gets better when you clear and it gets easier.

The only distracting aspect of Savage is the different array of Macro’s there are. I have seen so many variations of how to handle the mechanics that there will be times when some people are use to see a certain macro, that they fall into habit only to get confused as to why someone is close to them. Or it is where you switch partners in a certain section of the fight.

As I have been practising on my own for Alpha Savage, I felt that the two years are finally paying off. Yes, I have notes to read, but its the timing that can sometimes take a while for it to just click or its easy to pick up because you know the mechanic markers. Practice makes perfect after all.

Reason 2: team work

If there is one thing that practising Alpha has taught me is team work. Now adjusting to work with new party members each time its not just about making sure you are in your assigned position at the right time. But its also about understanding. Everyone makes mistakes as no-one is perfect. We also have to put connection problems into consideration as well.  So there are many times where something can go wrong, we just have to be patient and understanding to continue further.

The probably with Savage content that a lot of the mechanics require everyone to be alive at a certain time. So if one person is dead or has made a mistake in result of them dying, then it will most likely be a wipe for the whole party. Practising savage is very difficult for people to progress if there are too many mistakes being made.

For example:

At the weekend, I thought I had joined a PT that were practising the 1st Pantokrator in the final phase. However, I am not sure everyone in the party new that because there many mistakes being made within the first 2 phases. We were only able to get to the 1st Pantokrator a few times, so I am not sure everyone understood. I felt really sorry the person who made the PT.

Reason 3: Japanese Confidence

Now if you told me two years ago, I would be making many Japanese friends who not only talk to me in Japanese, but in English too, then I would ask if you really meant in two years… This past year has really boosted my confidence in using Japanese. It may not be the best Japanese, but some people seem to understand me, I think…

I have also been able to make a Party Finder (PF) with using Japanese in the comment. Before, I would leave the making of the PF to my friends to make while we are in a PT. However, being able to use Japanese and have people join the PT, must mean I am doing something right, right!?


All of the above reasons are my own personally thoughts as to why I want to clear the Savage raids. But above all, its to prove to myself that I am good enough to clear then when I put in the effort to do so. I don’t have to wait for anyone to clear it first. But it helps to have people go with you at least.

I hope to complete the last Alphascape before the new expansion. I am sure if I focus on trying to work towards clearing the raids, then I should be able to clear before June, if not cleared before then.


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