Luca’s Stats ~Update Vol.15~

お久しぶり~ ( >.<);   (Long time, no see)

I feel really bad for not up-dating as much as I usually do recently. I have been trying to get back into the swing of things at work and it has been mentally draining. However, I have never stopped playing the game, which is mostly due the fact that there is NEW CONTENT!!!!


This up-date is actually rather late! I managed to level up all of my crafter’s to Lv 70 a few weeks ago. I have been trying to Fish during Sunday mornings when not many people are on-line. Its just…zzzzz. Trying to get fish at your current level is a pain! I must have wasted so much bait trying to get the fish I need.

Also, Blue Mage was released a few days and I admit I got swept along with the crowd and joined fellow FC members with levelling up. It was interesting to play. But I have already lost interest.


It took me a few goes to actually clear. I kept finding PT’s that were having a lot of trouble. In the end, my friends from FD took me and helped me clear. Even after clearing, its hard to find decent PT’s. I don’t know how many times we voted to abandon. However, there was one PT where someone clearly wanted to leave but the vote it was rejected twice and on the last run we cleared and the whistle dropped. I don’t like it when some people are just too quick to give up. We got really lucky with the last run. But I guess everyone want to show the person who voted that we are going to clear it!

My faithful Chocobo has been ranking up so much quicker recently. Well, that is mostly because he is left in the FC stable and other players train him. He already has the White Mage Barding, next he will be getting dragoon Barding before I finish getting all the skills for Tanking.

I have been trying to get most of the barding for him, so he as a complete wardrobe. Its just I haven’t done all of the achievement fates to get the barding.


Now I haven’t been able to practice O11S as much as I would like, mostly because last weekend I waited over an hour for people to join my PF 😦 I was only able to practice once. But I am hoping this weekend is better because most have finished trying to clear new content. I just need to go over the last big mechanic. I want to focus on O11S, so I will be trying to go as much as I can and craft while I wait.

I would also like to spend some time trying to get the remaining Dog mounts. I have yet to get dogs from Shinryu, Suzaku and Seiryu. I am nervous about going to Shinryu because FD members, helped me clear it but I kept dying because I was thrown off by the change in the fight because we had higher gear.

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