Happy New Year!! 明けましておめでとう❗

I hope its a good year for all you boar/pig’s too.
I know I am a week late, but I have been too busy playing in game to post lol



This was the first time I was online during the new year, as well as before the new event of 2019 started. A friend told me to go to Limsa 9 minutes before New Year and I thought it was just to see a special fireworks show. Then they said to go to Upper Decks and I followed not really knowing why. Untill I saw the “!” icon pop-up.

It was a very simple quest with the same Mochi pounding FATE lol, I got there a few minutes before the end and somehow still completed it hahaha.

When I returned Limsa, I saw some old friends who I haven’t seen in a long time and I wished a happy new year to them.

Oath New Year Event

OathFCの新年のエベント~ 金曜日で私たちは一緒にSSを撮ったしアライアンスレイドを行った、日曜日でlv60地図に行った。

It has been a long time since I have been so happy to be in an FC with very friend players. We did a special event together last weekend. 7 of us, who were online, went to an Alliance Raid together.

After we finished with Oatmeals Speciality (Labryinth of the Ancients), some members forgot to stay behind to take a picture. We decided to take a picture in the Mist instead. Before going to World of Darkness together and after we completed it, we took another SS together.

FC memebers: Derex Malqir (master), Ryl’a Queb (sub master), Cliaux Montorgains, Luthais Trathana, Nyar Lathotep, Ryus Fang and I

I know I have only been with Oath for a short amount of time, but I really feel like I fight in. I go to many places with them and help members clear places and with levelling.

I am sure those who read this blog will remember me rambling in about how I feel like changing servers and how I don’t feel like playing because it sucked being in an FC on my own. It just feels so much better being in an FC where I can do a lot of things with other players.

Over the weekend, I was helping Cliaux with her healer, I made all the gear for her. I hope she didn’t mind me making it but I could see she had some low gear on and just made it. But I have done a lot recently. I made some rare or super expensive pieces of gear for other members. I might as well put my crafters to good use hahaha.

Alpha Savage


Another reason why I like this FC is because Derex (FC Master) helps me with practices. I have gone a few times on my own but its always nice to go with someone. Even someone from FD FC have joined my PT a few times too.

I know I was totally slacking with practising the past week compared to the amount I had planned on doing. However, I felt with the amount of practice I have done, I am progressing rather well. I feel like I am picking things up quick enough now. Last nights practice went really well and I got to see the PantoKrator2 when I died just before the previous mechanic, as others had died in the one before, thus leaving few players to survive the red fist adds. At least I am getting closer to enrage.

new Patch

新しいパッチ- 今夜でメンテナンスがあるだから、明日はログインする(T^T) 火曜日で皆さんが新しいコンテントに行きたいので、アルファSをクリアするは難しと思う。。。

With the new patch being implemented tonight, I won’t be able to log on when I get home. Seeing as everyone will be logging on for the new content on Tuesday, I think it will be difficult to clear O9S and O10S this week. I personally, would rather go to the last Alliance Raid because if getting the coin means I can augment some of my Scaevan gear, then that will help me clear O11S quicker lol. The MSQ can wait for a bit, Alpha Savage and the Alliance raid is my main priority the next few days (ノ^ω^)ノ


See you all in the new patch! TTYL~


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