Starlight 2018

メリークリスマス~! / Merry Christmas~!

Starlight 2018

2018 Starlight event began a few weeks ago and I must say, I totally sucked at it. My musical ear couldn’t pick up why we had to press the button when we did… in the end, I just turned the music down and did it as a reaction time. I enjoyed last years event, it was just too busy to actually try anything because of the lag. But at least we got the Christmas Bear last year. This year’s rewards were ok, but I felt we could have got another mount. Even a Polar Bear or Santa’s Sleigh would be cool. Fingers crossed for next year.

Christmas 2018

This year has been another Christmas where I have spent time in my apartment. Last year I did go home for Christmas and spent it with my family. Don’t get me wrong, it was lovely to spend time with my family, especially at Christmas time because I feel more festive than I do in Japan. But as I have lived in Japan for almost 6 years now, I have lost the festive spirit because its just not the same.

A Traditional UK Christmas

In the UK, Christmas is a very special time of the year. Not only is the busiest time of the year, with everyone trying to find presents to give family and friends, but there are so many parties to plan, as well as the special day itself. Then people have to write their Christmas cards to all of their co-workers, social groups and of course families and friends. There is even a special calendar called the “Advent Calendar” which has small gifts inside, hidden by 24 little doors. On each day from 1st December to 24th December, you get to open one door and see what is inside. I loved having an advent calendar as a kid. Now it is the perfect excuse to eat more chocolate whenever possible.

Christmas Eve (24th December)

Its also a special day for children who will make cookies to put out for Santa by the fireplace. Their excitement is probably sky high because they are anticipating the surprise of what they will get. Most children will try to sleep early so they wake up early on Christmas day.

This is probably the busiest and most chaotic day of the season. Everyone is trying to get the last minute presents, buying food that was forgotten. Many people also are trying to wrap the last presents to put under the Christmas tree.

Christmas Day (25th December)

My parents Christmas tree 2018

As this is one the most special Days in the UK calendar, its also the day where everyone gets the day off. No one should work or go school on Christmas Day. Its a time you should be with your families and not have to worry about anything else.

Now when I was a kid, I woke up as early 4am most years because I was soooo excited to see what I got for Christmas. I would sneak into my older brothers room to see if he was awake, and then into my younger brother’s room. We would try to wait a few hours for our parents to wake up but we would probably try to sneak a peek at the Christmas tree.

In my house, Christmas was extra special because every year, Santa would set up a treasure hunt around the house and outside for his present. Mum and Dad would let us open a few presents before allowing us to open the first clue to the hunt. It was so much fun as a young child, to race to the different rooms to find clue’s and eventually our present. Of course as I got older I realised it wasn’t Santa making all the clues, but my parents spent a long time writing them and placing them around the house and outside. But that made Christmas extra special to my and I have so many memories of what Santa got me because of the hunt. I am sure I will do the same for my kids, so they can make precious memories as I did.

Christmas Dinner

Now depending on your religion, there is also another special even to celebrate. I grew up with a Christian father and an Atheist mother. My father would go to Church on Christmas morning before coming home in time for Christmas dinner. Eventually, it became a family thing where we would get up around 8 or 9am to go to Church at 10am.

Christmas Pudding

After eating the dinner followed by the Christmas pudding or the Christmas cake, most people would watch movies or play games. However, if you are ever like my Mum, it would be time to watch the Christmas special of what ever soap opera was on… of course my Dad would complain hahaha.

Boxing Day (26th December)

Is not a day for fighting but its a day where shop keepers who put a box in their store for people to give money or smalls gifts to the homeless people.

Its also the day where families will go to the grandparents house to celebrate a 2nd Christmas with grand parents, Aunties, Uncles and cousins. We get to open more presents from our relatives and eat another Christmas dinner.

So our Christmas is very different to that in Japan. I do miss all the excitement and seeing people open the presents I got them. I will just have to wait another year or so before going home again for Christmas.


Now I am on my way to Tokyo on Boxing day to celebrate the season with Freah. So be sure to find a post about our visit to Eorzea Cafe for our 5th or 6th time lol.



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