I finally remembered to do a Stats update LOL!

So, I was rather busy Sunday morning levelling up my Weaver from 60 to 70. I was looking through all the levequests that were available and I have to say… The only way I levelled up so quickly was because of the Lv62 levequest where I turned in so many HQ Ruby Cotton Thread. Yes, I spent money on MB to get them but they weren’t that expensive. I hadn’t used my Levequest allowance in a few weeks, so I managed to use them up. I had levelled up my Carpenter a few weeks before, but only to Lv65. So I only to push that up a little bit more till I level cap.

This Friday is the last day of term, so I can finally get a few weeks off. I plan to do a lot more runs on O11S, so I can clear it asap. Then I can start to work on O12S. After I have cleared that, I hope to go back and finish clearing Deltascape Savage and may be work on Sigmascape Savage. But I feel like I would need to create a static group for that… I will try my best to do so. It would be great if it was full on English speakers.

Anyway, That’s all about the levelling for now, ttyl~

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